The main idea behind Zeex ecosystem is making cryptocurrencies spendable in an easy and user friendly way through gift cards.

Zeex ICO Review

In Zeex’s vision of crypto payment system, gift cards are deemed as ideal tool for bridging crypto and fiat worlds. Everyone is familiar with the workings of globally adopted gift cards and with the help of Zeex protocol we will be able to literally abuse the system of gift cards and use them as instant crypto to fiat conversion without any fees.

At the core of Zeex ecosystem is Zeex protocol which handles purchases of gift cards between customers and suppliers. You can read more about it in their whitepaper. On top of that protocol are dApps, web version which uses MetaMask will be developed first (it is already working as beta version). Web dApp will be followed by mobile dApps which are arguably the most important piece of the puzzle and need to be executed flawlessly if any considerable adoption is to take place.

Main features of Zeex payment platform include:

  • Working product from launch and adoption of more than 500 online and offline shops and retailers from day one
  • Strong backing by established company in the gift card space – Zeek
  • Zero fees
  • Anonymous transactions
  • User friendly interface
  • Decentralized system without middlemans

With the release of Android and iOS apps coming very soon in Q4-2018 and integration in major wallets through API connectors in Q2-2019 this system has good potential of gaining sizeable adoption and being used as a go-to system of two way conversions, both for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

But they don’t plan to stop on that, by 2020 they have a goal to make it easy for any vendor to issue new blockchain based gift cards which can be exchanged directly on-chain.

One could say that Zeex has a pretty large hardcap of $50m considering how simple their mission looks like at first glance but majority of funds (55%) will be assigned to gift card suppliers as a working capital to make sure there is enough stock at all times during initial months. Portion of those funds will go to Zeex sister company Zeek and other suppliers whose details can’t be disclosed until partnerships are finalized.

Another potential red flag is the fact that they keep postponing crowdsale for various reasons. They seem to prefer private investors over general public and are trying to get as many of them on board. They are also concerned about the current bearish state of the market. Final updated details for crowdsale are yet to be released.

Token usage

ZIX is an erc20 utility token which has various use cases which are explained below.

1. Priority access to monthly quotas of the most used gift cards

The more ZIX tokens you have the further up in the queue your account will end. If for some reason desired gift cards are out of stock you will get priority access when they become available. For example if you stake $100 in ZIX tokens you will have guaranteed gift cards in that amount even in the case of gift card shortage.

2. Instant transaction settlement

ZIX tokens will serve as collateral and enable instant transaction settlement without any wait times. When transaction is fully executed, ZIX tokens are returned to the user.

3. Voting rights in the Zeex ecosystem

Users possessing ZIX tokens will be able to influence which gift cards are added or removed from Zeex portfolio through user feedback and ZIX token allocation to certain brands or geographical regions.

4. Login method

ZIX tokens will unlock access to Zeex platform in a secure and privacy conscious way without revealing any personal details.

5. Payment method

ZIX tokens will also serve as payment method along with other cryptocurrencies and will allow purchase of gift cards.


Zeex has already established many key partnerships listed below:

Zeek: their sister company and one of the seed investors. Zeek is a market leader in gift cards space, they sold one million gift cards in 2017. They will be Zeex’s main supplier of gift cards.

Giftery: Russian gift card provider with a lot of experience in the retail sector. Giftery will be Zeex’s first accredited supplier of gift cards. Through this partnership Zeex got themselves good coverage of the eastern European markets.

Bancor: decentralized liquidity network provider, they will allow anyone to acquire ZIX tokens from the day one through instant on-chain conversions. This is an important partnership that will solve liquidity issues many new token launches face.

LedgerZ capital: one of Zeex’s biggest investors which invested 25,000 ETH, the owner of the company is Zeex’s advisor Sonic Zhang.

Nielsen: the company of Zeex’s advisor Liron Langer. They will be providing market research and insights data.

Deloitte: one of the four main accounting companies in the world. They are in charge of Zeex’s accounting and auditing tasks.


Various payment platforms like TenX, Monaco and Metal Pay can be considered as Zeex main competitors but Zeex’s unique way of tackling crypto spending problems without any fees makes it a category of its own currently. Especially when you consider that projects which are dependant on Mastercard and Visa cards aren’t working anymore since those companies forbid cryptocurrency usage in this way and TenX isn’t issuing new debit cards at this time. It’s not a surprising move since both companies consider cryptocurrencies as their fierce future competitors.

Competitors median market cap: $97,000,000
18033   6144   179
Hype tools used:

They had a brief referral campaign in April which lasted only about 12 hours. You could have earned 20 ZIX tokens just by joining their telegram channel. Many people think that Airdrop is still active and are joining telegram channel asking questions about it. That’s one of the reasons for high member count. Other reasons include active marketing champaign which includes features in various podcasts, YouTube channels and media portals. Also, spending crypto or “cashing out” is trending these days due to bear market. Overall hype around the project is solid and social channels are all fairly active.

Token price in crypto
0.0002 ETH
Hard cap
50,000,000 $ (~345,586 ETH)
ICO supply
Total supply
Token % for public
What happens to unsold tokens
Private sale min. investment
0.5 ETH

We weren’t able to find info about what was the max bonus given to the private investors as Zeex team is keeping that a secret but all bonus tokens will be locked and released all at once, nine months after the end of crowdsale.

Token distribution

ZIX token Distribution:

  • 50% token sale,
  • 20% partnerships,
  • 15% team,
  • 10% reserved,
  • 5% community.
Allocation of funds

Use of Proceeds:

  • 55% investment in gift card suppliers,
  • 30% R&D, product & market development, retail expansion,
  • 10% sales & marketing,
  • 5% operations.

Team has 9 core members with people who mostly have a lot of experience in their respective fields from previous projects and jobs. It is positive that in the core team they have people who have experience in blockchain and that advisors aren’t the only ones who take part in this certain field.

Guy Melamand | Co-Founder & CEO | Masters from the University of Amsterdam. Previously he worked at Time To Know, first as a creative and UX director and then as a senior director. After that he worked as a VP of products  at Ginger Software, which is a firm for Natural Language Processing. He also worked at GreenRoad as CPO and head of strategic partnerships.

Ziv Isaiah | Co-Founder & CTO | Masters from Kellogg-Recanati Executive MBA program. He started as a software engineer at ECI Telecom and Check Point. At Cellglide he worked as a team leader for IP networking and infrastructure and as a R&D program manager. He was also a CTO at Ginger Software.

Apan Amos Damri | CMO | Masters from PachaMama. He worked as programmer at Web Solutions. He was owner of Apan web presence and a co-founder of Operad.

Yaniv Barak | Head of Business Development | Bachelors from Netanya Academic College. He worked as a television reporter at keshet tv, YES DBS Satellite Services Ltd and Reshet.tv. He was head of media and innovation department at Teenk – Youth Marketing Solutions. Also, he was CEO and co-founder of Vacationship LTD. At BY1 Business & Product Strategy he worked in strategy business development.

Ilan Schifter | Blockchain Developer | Masters from New York University. Worked as a technical support at various firms. Previously he worked at Intel as a logic and verification engineer. He was a director of motion technologies at Mako Game LLC. He works at Play Patterns as a CEO.

Noam Malter | Chief Architect | Bachelors from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv. He worked for Shunra Software at various positions: customer support engineer, application software engineer, application infrastructure team leader and director of customer service. At A Whole New Web he was a CTO. He also previously worked at Emoze as a Linux server developer. At Ginger Software he was a senior software architect.

Rafi Glantz | Community Manager | College dropout. Has various experiences ranging from military forces after which he jumped straight to working as sales and training manager until he advanced to executive sales in a small company in Israel.


Zeex has a team of 12 advisors. A lot of them have previous experience in blockchain and advising other successful ICO projects. They are also skillful in other fields of finance, investments and company management.

Daniel Zelkind | Strategic Advisor | Masters from The Interdisciplinary Center. He started at Clickwise ltd as a VP of customer care & business development. He was a co-founder of Searchisrael.fr and a CEO of MediaCom Interaction Israel. He also worked at MassiveImpact as a VP monetization. Currently he is a CEO at Zeek, of which he is also a co-founder.

Eyal Hertzog | Blockchain Advisor | He worked at the position in information systems at Intelligence Unit 8200. He was a co-founder and product architect at Contract Network. Also, he was a co-founder, president and CCO of Metacafe Inc., which he followed up with AppCoin of which he was also a co-founder and product architect. Currently he is a product architect at Bancor Foundation.

Artūras Asakavičius | Fintech & Crypto Advisor | Masters from Vilnius University. He worked as a legal assistant and consultant at various firms: UAB Klaipėdos šaldytuvų terminalas, Law firm Sorainen and Nasdaq. At Sorainen he worked as an associate and a senior associate. He is co-founder of WePower Network and currently works there.

Sebastien Stupurac | Blockchain Product Advisor | Bachelors from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv.  He worked at Crypto – Decentralized Applications Platform as a product manager and quality assurance team lead. At eyecam he was a CIO and product & project manager. He is a CEO at Chain Lab. He is also advising other blockchain project like BlackmoonCrypto, INS Ecosystem and AdEx Network. Currently he is a core team member of WINGS Stiftung.

Zeex was founded in Q4 2017. So far they released alpha web app, beta web app and currently they are testing public beta. In Q3 2018 they expect to release Zeex web app live and right after that they plan to have a public sale. In the end of the year they plan to have apps for Android and iOS. For the beginning of 2019 they plan to have a self-service portal for suppliers and brands. For Q2 and Q3 of 2019 they plan to have API connectors and release of the new catalogue. In 2020 they hope to achieve allowing businesses to generate ZIX blockchain based gift-cards.

Project phase

Project just had a pre-sale and they have a live beta that is already working on the Ethereum blockchain. You can see the beta in action in this video.

Whitelist start
Private sale start
Presale start
Crowdsale start

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The main idea behind Zeex ecosystem is making cryptocurrencies spendable in an easy and user friendly way through gift cards.

Expected ROI
ICO starts in

Token Metrics
Hard cap
50,000,000 $
(~345,586 ETH)
Soft cap
14,000,000 $
ICO supply
Total supply