Zebi Eagerly Awaiting OKEx Launch


Zebi OKEx listing

According to info from CoinMarketCap, Zebi is once again climbing the ladder of the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, even though the ZCO crowdsale ended only recently, on March 5. Soon after the sale, Babu Mungala, Zebi’s founder and CEO, tweeted that the “Zebi Crowdsale was so oversubscribed, it sold out within 2 seconds”, having reached the $10 million hard cap. Since then, the price of Zebi Coin has increased by 6.06 times relative to BTC and 4.45 times against the U.S. dollar.

Among cryptocurrencies with a market cap over $50 million, Zebi achieved the second highest growth over a 24h period on May 21, with a 9.94% price increase, behind only MediBloc’s 29.1% spike. The positive trend should help Zebi recover from a relatively poor performance over a 7-day period, marked by a 10.68% drop caused by last week’s overall market slump.

If the bullish trend continues, Zebi should once again achieve a market capitalization above $70 million, last observed on May 17, when one ZCO was worth $0.157. On May 7, Zebi recorded its highest market cap to-date, peaking at slightly above $97 million. In the coming weeks, Zebi stagnated around $92 million, before a prolonged bearish period which now seems to be coming to an end.

Zebi OKEx Listing

Despite all this, Zebi still isn’t listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange – which also likely contributed to the stagnating token prices. On April 29, soon after welcoming Randall Kaplan as a key advisor, Zebi was listed both on IDEX and Qryptos, trading around 4-5 times the ICO price.

However, that was hardly enough. Recognizing the potential challenges, the Zebi Data team started a campaign to list Zebi on OKEx, following a community vote. Zebi has been working hard on mobilizing its 15.9 thousand Twitter followers and 15,451 Telegram members to make it a reality through a concerted community effort campaign to create 3,000 OKEx accounts and directly petition OKEx to list Zebi.

The campaign was successfully concluded on May 21.

Zebi crypto exchange

Through the campaign, Zebi offered its community members “up to 40% incentive bonus for depositing 1 ETH in your own account at OKEx” using their referral link. The offer was supposed to expire on Monday, May 28. As of May 21, with one week remaining, Zebi’s Telegram is reporting that 3,000 accounts have already been created by users, which means that, at 1 ETH selling for $700, the community has already pledged $2.1 million at such a short notice.

Just by reading Zebi’s Telegram, one can see that it is only a matter of time before Zebi gets listed on OKEx, which is great news since it would immediately revitalize the price of ZCO. The majority of experts and crypto enthusiasts agree that ZCO is a huge opportunity, with some predicting a 1 billion market cap for Zebi next year.

About Zebi

Although the 1 billion market cap may sound like a far-fetched idea, let’s not forget that Zebi aims to become the main platform for managing data in India, a country with more than 1.324 billion people. At the moment, Zebi Data is the only company with an effective solution to India’s big data problem.

Crypto Love, a YouTube reviewer, referred to Zebi as “the Ethereum of India”. Zebi has already signed a multi-year contract with a state in India, incorporating more than 50 million people into its data management network.

In April, Zebi launched an AI solution based on blockchain technology to service the hospitality industry. Babu Mungala, Zebi’s founder and CEO, said in a blog post that “Top brand hotels in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India, such as Novotel, The Park, Taj Gateway, Ginger use Zebi AI Chain, not only to protect their guest data, but also to help law enforcement officials in proactive identification and prevention of criminal activities.”

Zebi hospitality AI India

On May 4, CoinDesk reported that Zebi’s AI blockchain hotel registry proved to be so effective that the police department in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh requires all hotels to use it as a security solution.

These positive indicators prompted Zebi to reveal its plans to hire 900 new employees by 2022. The company has big plans for growth and expansion, expecting a target revenue of $60 million. In Babu Mungala’s words, after deploying “the AI solution in over 200 hotels in Vizag,” achieving that goal shouldn’t pose a problem, especially once ZCO finally hits OKEx.