Wanchain Launches 6 Inaugural Projects


A week ago, many cryptocurrency traders were introduced to Wanchain for the first time when it was listed on Kucoin.

The big news, however, came on Monday, the 16th of April, when Dustin Byington, the President of Wanchain Foundation, revealed the first six projects that will launch on Wanchain. The announcement came during the World Blockchain Forum in Dubai. These first projects, Wanchain’s “founding class”, will receive extensive support from WANLab, an international incubator & accelerator for blockchain projects, also powered by Wanchain.

The same goes for all subsequent dapps that launch as a part of Wanchain’s ecosystem, making sure that the projects that make it through are selected and cultivated based on their potential, reducing the number of half-baked ideas that fail after the community invests in them. WANLab will connect all projects with investors and the community, increasing their exposure and facilitating funding. It will also provide advice on all topics related to marketing and tokenomics, with PR and strategic support.

Wanchain Founding Projects

With that in mind, the first six projects that will launch on Wanchain are:

  • Freedium: Intended for emerging economies, this project aims to promote financial inclusion by launching the first stable digital currency backed by commodities.
  • CryptoCurve: “The Browser to Blockchain” looks to introduce interoperability and serve as a gateway into cryptocurrencies.
  • Abacus: An open protocol which uses smart contracts on the blockchain to automate financial agreements.
  • GameBank: A blockchain for gaming, where developers can gain access to crowdfunding and publish their games, while gamers can trade virtual assets and gear, even across games.
  • AllSpark: A platform where all users can create content, share media, and connect with advertisers. Users create content, users spread content, and users benefit from content directly.
  • UTour: A “Distributed Travel Services” chain that gets rid of travel agencies and connects service providers and travelers directly. Travelers can also share/exchange services, air tickets, and the like.

Wanchain was able to take this step after a successful ICO which ended on April 10, raising $106 million. The total supply of Wancoins is capped at 210 million, half of which are in circulation at the moment. During the ICO, 1 WAN was selling for $0.34 or 0.00114 ETH. In spite of the flailing cryptocurrency prices, Wancoin did great, with the price rising steadily to $5.76 on Monday.

Wanchain Details

Wanchain is a revolutionary new platform aimed at creating a unified financial market of digital assets. The key idea is to offer a decentralized way to exchange value between independent blockchains – also known as cross-chain transfers.  To do that, Wanchain utilizes privacy protection protocols, smart contracts, and Wancoin (WAN), Wanchain’s native token. Behind it all, Wanchain is very simple. WAN stands for Wide Area Network, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that it is also a homophone of “one”, as in “one chain” and “one token”. When all is said and done, that’s what Wanchain is about – as a distributed ledger and a universal protocol for cross-chain transactions.

Work on Wanchain began in June 2016 with preliminary research, but news sources and crypto websites started writing about Wanchain in February of 2018, after January’s successful launch of Wanchain 1.0. Since then, Wanchain has been picking up steam, and after these six unique projects, it’s showing no signs of stopping.