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Tolar is an open source, community governed crypto-currency featuring scalable, fast, secure, and fair transactions.

Tolar HashNET ICO Review

Tolar HashNET is:

Salable – scalability is now the biggest problem in blockchain technology, HashNET offers a solution, with support over 200,000 transactions per second, which is 28,5x more than Bitcoin (7 tps). So all transaction are processed in seconds.

Fast – HashNET is implementing Proof of Stake algorithm combined with masternodes to reach distributed consensus. This way recording and processing transactions saves time and electricity. No need for mining and final confirmation is ready instantly.

Secure – it holds all the security aspects of usual blockchain, can’t be hacked and creates transparency in a way that participants are compensated for correct voting.

Fair – there is not a possibility for individual to change order of consensus.

Positive side of HashNET are that it offers interchain support, smart contracts, Dapps, programing in c++ that is widely used. Governance system “Magnus Consilium“, so on every proposals investors and stakeholders can vote. Next year they plan to deploy Ethereum Virtual Machine and Quantum resistant cryptography on their network.

HashNET is a great competitor for blockchain of new era with his scalability solution, backed by strong team of developers and blockchain experienced business managers, professors, advisors for marketing, legal issues and security. HashNET is a project that is slowly developing but securely going one step by step. Tolar Prototype reached over 130,000 TPS on multiple nodes during the live demo held 28th of June in Zagreb.

Tolar had updated their website with new advisors, investors and strategic partners that will bring support for the project.

Negative side is that we still anticipate more news from their team who is working on partnerships that will use their product but still there are no announcment for public, and also their Github is not public yet. They are entering in a big competitor market and they will have to deliver a great product on time to be better then other scalability solution making projects.

“I believe that we have excellent and honest team capable to deliver our strategy.” says Drazen Kapusta founder of Tolar HashNET


Tolar investors / partners:

Wandarin – brings connections in crypto space and offers services such as project advisory, community management/building, and other help for the project to grow and succeed. (portfolio: Kyber Network, Trinity, Ontology, ArcBlock, Zilliqa, Essentia, etc.).

Pod Capital – they provide ICO advisory services and consulting for marketing.

BlockMatrix Capital – a group of San Francisco’s private investors who invest in best-suited entrepreneurs who are progressively innovative with the blockchain technology. Some projects in their portfolio are ICON, district0x, AION, Wanchain, and Tron.

Blockground Capital – an investment firm specialized in ventures, projects and tokens related to blockchain and emerging digital assets. (portfolio: Nexo, Eden, Open Platform, Endor, etc).

Carnaby Capital – they support talented start-ups with capital, advisory, and marketing opportunities.(portfolio: ICON, District0x, Nucleus Vision, Kyber Network, Wanchain, and Tron).

And others: GC Capital, Block Funds, Black Castle Capital, BCapital, and Diddy Carter.


There is a lot of competitions in this field. Now days seems like everybody has a solution for scalability of blockchain, but some of them are really successful. From research on base of CryptoGo databank from January 2017, about 370 ICO-s were taken as a sample with approximately 9B $ in funding. Results had shown that investing in blockchain projects had been investments with the highest ROI. From the examples we see that although there is a lot of competition there is also a chance for development, because crypto market is still in his beginning and there is a lot of space for various projects with good solutions.
EOS – Currently has a market cap of 10 B, ATH market cap was 17,5B. They raised 196M during ICO.
ICON (ICX) – Currently has a market cap of 1 B, ATH market cap was 4,5B. They raised 42M during ICO.
ARK – Currently has a market cap of 253M, ATH market cap was 910M. They raised 1M during ICO.

Competitors median market cap: 4,000,000,000 $
14259   2006   221
Hype tools used:

It won the ICO pitch contest in Budapest at Crypto World Tour and got on Ian’s Balina spreadsheet. Their social chanal’s member number doubled in a week. So Tolar is getting huge attention.

Andre Cronje reviewed Tolar’s code and made a conclusion: “Great fundamental design, one that I look forward to see in the testnet, as soon as it is out. I think it can make a real difference in both finality and transaction throughput. All in all, good code, novel design, excited to see where this goes.”

Tolar Prototype reached over 130,000 TPS on multiple nodes during the live demo held 28th of June in Zagreb. Here is the link to their medium post and video:

Live Prototype presentation

Here you can see AMA from OhHeyMatty with Tolar Hash Net team:

Live AMA from OhHeyMatty with Tolar Hash Net


Token price in crypto
0.000145055 ETH
Hard cap
45,000 ETH (~6,440,584 $)
ICO supply
Total supply
Token % for public
What happens to unsold tokens
Locked for 24 months
Currencies accepted
Private sale min. investment
50 ETH
Presale min. investment
10 ETH
Crowdsale min. investment

Private sale bonus: 20%
Pre-sale bonus: 10%

In general, price in ETH would be as follows:
Private sale – 0.000120879 ETH per TOL (20% bonus)
Pre Sale – 0.000131868 ETH per TOL (10% bonus)
ICO – 0.000145055 ETH per TOL

No lockup on main tokens, but there is a lockup on bonus tokens for 3 months and 24 months on team tokens.

Token distribution

Tolar HashNET distribution of tokens:

  • 35% Token Sales (21,0% private sale, 5,25% pre-ICO and 8,75% Public ICO),
  • 32% TOLAR Development Fund,
  • 20% Founders,
  • 8%   Proof of Stake Network Start Nodes,
  • 2,5% Developers,
  • 2,5% Advisors.
Allocation of funds

Tolar HashNET allocation of funds will be:

  • 55% Operations,
  • 30% R&D,
  • 10% Marketing,
  • 5% Legal compliance.

Tolar HashNET has 24 team members which of 8 are Foundation Members, 8 are HashNET Tech Developers and 8 are in HashNET Bizz Team.

Drazen Kapusta | Principal and founder of | Principal of Cotrugli Buisness School for 21 yrs. Director of Mercuria for 21 yrs. Advisor for 4th Pillar – blockchain human resources and finance connecting platform for individuals and organizations from Jan 2018.

Josip Maricevic | Co-founder and CTO | Josip is an Engineer of Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. Owner of Moon Code – mobile app for development agency for 4,5 yrs. More than 7 yrs combined work experience as a iOS developer at Qnective AG, ShoutEm and Five Minuts Ltd. Now working as a Blockchain core developer at Blocknet.

Zoran Dordevic | CEO | Magenin partner at Cotrugli Business School for 20 yrs. Advisor at CookUp – blockchain app for cooking. passionate for Blockchain technology. One of the first of in introducing Blockchain technology into regular MBA curriculum which led to creation of the Blockchain Academy.

Terence Tse | Board Member | Terence has a PhD in Management Studies, University of Cambridge. Working as a Associate Professor of Finance at ESCP Europe Business School. He is Co-founder and CEO of Nexus Frontier Tech – an AI studio for over a year. Also work for a lot of well known companies like Allianz, UniCredit, McKinsey & Co. Yahoo!, YIT, China Merchant Securitas, etc. Terence regularly provides comments for Financial Times, The Economist, The Guardian and CNBC.

Team is very good, strong, experienced in blockchain technology and developing.


Tolar HashNET has 13 advisors.

Manuel A. Alonso Coto, PhD | Director of Corporate Marketing – Executive Education at IE Business School. Worked as expert for marketing for IE Business School for more than 30 yrs combined. Also worked as IT/IS Manager for US Department of State for more than 4 yrs.

Valerio Opacic | Security Advisor for Tolar HashNET, Access and Cyber Security Services Manager at McDonald’s Corporation. IT Director for McDonalds in Austria for 2 yrs and cyber security for 7 yrs. More than 20 yrs experience in IT sector.

Peter Merc, PhD | Leagal Advisor for many ICO projects: Eligma, CargoX, Trusted Health, Money Rebel, Robotina, HoneyComb, Blocksquare, Gledos, DataFy, Ace.Trade, BeyondSeenScreen, X8 Currency, Emmares, etc. Founder and first lead coordinator of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia. Worked for a year as Capital Markets Senior Compliance Officer for Addiko Bank Slovenia.

Petko Karamotchev | Director at INDUSTRIA Tech | INDUSTRIA Technology is a company made of two companies that Patko was a Director. First one is Magic Solutions (selling sites with new ideas) and the second one is (making a strategic business plan, investment knowledge and detailed web development knowledge for blue-chip firms). Petko also has experience as a Stock Broker and Supervisor at Hedger for over 7 yrs.

Naviin Kapoor | Team Leader at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (8,5 yrs.) | Well known blockchain ICO Advisor for more than 40 ICO-s. Naviin is a Founder of The Times Of Crypto (news channel).

Lester Lim | ICO Marketing & Token Strategy Advisor | Lester has advised some successful ICO-s like SelfKey, Banca, Ink Protocol, CoinFi, and He is also a Founder of JV Connects (Market Strategist specialized for product launches).

Tolar HashNET is developing over a year now. They started in Q2 2017 establishing their executive members and first project funding. In Q3 they made Initial network development and first cryptocurrency experiments. This year they launched Blockchain academy, created team of 30 members, published web site, started private sale phase and presence in social media. In Q2 2018 first whitepaper got out and Initial mainnet chain with masternodes and stalking system. Now they are working on conducting an ICO in Q3 2018, finalizing their whitepaper and developers demonstration of HashNET. To the end of year they plan to release mobile wallets, chain explorer and be listed on exchanges. Year after in 02 2019 there is a plan for Public release of HashNET protocol and switch from mainnet to HashNET protocol, also they plan to implement Smart contracts and Quantum resistant cryptography.

Project phase

They had a live demonstration in June showcasing more than 100,000 tps on multiple nodes. Testnet is running but not public yet.

Whitelist start
Private sale start
Private sale end
Crowdsale start
End of August
Token distribution
Bonus unlock
After 3 months
Exchange date
One week after token sale.

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Tolar is an open source, community governed crypto-currency featuring scalable, fast, secure, and fair transactions.

Expected ROI
ICO starts in
End of August

Token Metrics
Hard cap
45,000 ETH
(~6,440,584 $)
Soft cap
10,000,000 $
Crowdsale min. investment
ICO supply
Total supply