Sparkster Closes Presale, Announces Demo


Sparkster ICO

On May 24, Sparkster concluded its oversubscribed presale and announced an AMA with Ian Balina, scheduled for May 25 via its official Twitter account. Potential investors may be even more interested in the Decentralized Cloud demo, mentioned in the same tweet: “We will demo Sparkster’s Decentralised Cloud & hold a live AMA with Ian Balina @DiaryofaMadeMan tomorrow 5pm (BST) UK time.”

Ian Balina met with Sajjad Daya, the CEO of Sparkster, and Shabeer Kirmani, the project’s Chief Evangelist, on May 11 in Amsterdam during Ian Balina’s Crypto World Tour. Daya and Kirmani flew in from London to participate and to compete in Balina’s ICO Pitch Event.

After multiple rounds and feverish minute-long pitches, Sparkster won it all and became the winner of the ICO Pitch Event, after beating out elite participants such as Phantasma, ORCA, Seal, and others. The ICO Pitch Event winner was decided through a crowd vote. Ian Balina later said that he definitely agreed with the outcome of the ICO Pitch Event.

The win likely helped Sparkster gain a lot of recognition and a large number of followers – some of whom have heard of Sparkster at the Crypto World Tour for the first time.

On May 24, Sparkster announced via its Telegram that its Presale was over, thanking everyone for their support. In the team’s own words, the participants have “given us the ability to build a world-class company that will facilitate mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.”

Those are certainly big words for a company that is just now gaining significant recognition. So, does Sparkster hope to accomplish its ambitious goals?

About Sparkster: The Winning Pitch

What Sparkster wants to do is enable people to create software without writing code, making it easier for everyone to “bring their ideas to reality.” In his first pitch, strapped for time, Sajjad Daya underscored Sparkster’s Decentralized Cloud, capable of supporting 10 Million TPS.

He also mentioned how community members sometimes refer to Sparkster as the next Wanchain, although he found the comparison underwhelming, saying that Sparkster already has a testnet with three times the TPS of  Zilliqa and Quarkchain.

Sparkster ICO Pitch

In the same one-minute pitch, Daya promised to build the future of cloud computing and software development, allowing people with no experience to build decentralized software with no code, something he said was “a hundred times faster and easier than traditional software development.”

With him, Daya brought a projector with the finished product, which he later showed to the attendees in the audience.

The Decentralized Cloud runs on smartphones, making it attractive for mainstream businesses due to lowered costs, while rewarding the community with tokens for making their devices available.

Sparkster Token & Sparkster Crowdsale

While presenting Sparkster’s finished product in Amsterdam, Sajjad Daya proved that the idea was viable and that 10 Million TPS is a realistic goal. With just six cells, the Decentralized Cloud was capable of supporting 6,500 TPS. Daya clarified how the system works, saying that “one cell is a blockchain” and that “we’re showing pure linear growth in TPS as we add cells.” The Decentralized cloud will utilize the SPARK token, an ERC20 token.

Sparkster’s presale was completely oversubscribed at $0.15 per token. The presale was hard capped at $24.3 million. With the total hard cap at $30 million, this leaves an extra $5.7 million for the public sale. The public sale is scheduled for June, although the specific date still hasn’t been officially revealed as of press time.

In the days and weeks ahead, the team plans on releasing the crowdsale whitelist. Unfortunately, China, South Korea, and the USA will be excluded from the crowdsale. Still, Sparkster’s unique idea and working platform should be more than enough to entice passionate crypto enthusiasts looking for a great opportunity.