SimplyVital Health Announces New Partnerships


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The last week of April proved to be very busy for SimplyVital Health, with two big new partnerships, announced on Wednesday, April 25 and Friday, April 27.

The first partnership, with LifeStory Health (LSH), will focus on utilizing innovative features of SimplyVital Health’s Data Marketplace in developing new diagnostics in line with LifeStory Health’s mission of early detection and treatment of women’s diseases.

The second partnership, with Shivom, was described by Katherine Kuzmeskas, CEO and Co-Founder of SimplyVital Health, as an early step towards “an alliance of like-minded thinkers”. Shivom’s goal is to provide everyone with safe and personalized medicine based on DNA sequencing, artificial intelligence, cryptography and blockchain technology. Since both companies recognize the potential of blockchain technology when it comes to revolutionizing healthcare, the goal of this partnership is to promote best practices and uniform standards in the industry and to work towards a shared vision of a Global Healthcare Blockchain Alliance.

Between the two announcements, on April 26, Kuzmeskas participated in a Datapalooza panel “From Buzzwords to Reality in Health Care”, where she demonstrated some real uses for the medical blockchain and discussed the actual dApps that are already using Health Nexus.
What is Health Nexus, though?

Health Nexus Info

The Health Nexus protocol, basically a fork of Ethereum, is a blockchain platform for private healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems, whose main purpose is to safely share patient data and reduce healthcare costs around the world. Health Nexus uses proof-of-stake to make sure the data stays safe and easy to transfer. Other Health Nexus features include a key pair system, a distributed database, and a completely new validation and governance protocol.

ConnectingCare is the main application on Health Nexus. Building upon existing hospital care systems, ConnectingCare can monitor analytics, track financials, extract data, create care pathway flexibility, and maintain immutable records.
Health Nexus creates a new marketplace for innovation, revolutionizing the way data is transferred between patients and healthcare providers, researchers and pharmaceutical companies, and consumers and the supply chain.

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While some were concerned that achieving some of these goals may be difficult since the SimplyVital Health team primarily consists of prominent healthcare professionals, with few high-profile programmers, on April 20, the alpha version of Health Nexus was launched along with a test net. Dubbed “the first foundation of Health Nexus”, the alpha version and its open source tools were made available to everyone after launching on the Rinkeby Network.

Health Cash Current State

To make all of this possible, Health Nexus completely relies on Health Cash, its very own transactional cryptocurrency.

The presale for Health Cash (HLTH) ran between February 22 and March 22, 2018. Of the total supply of 200,000,000 tokens, investors will be able to purchase 60% (120,000,000) in total. Although the Whitelist registration is now closed, anyone can sign up for the Health Cash Wait list.

Among other things, the HLTL token allows holders to gain access to the Health Nexus key/pair system and purchase data access keys from compatible providers.

health nexus crowdsale

Following last week’s big announcements, on Monday, April 30, SimplyVital Health revealed that a new enterprise client has decided to join Health Nexus, with more details coming soon.
On Friday, May 4, Katherine Kuzmeskas will be joining the crypto Virtual Summit hosted by Kind Ads, while Jake Drier, the company’s Director of Growth and Operations, will participate at the “HLTH – The Future of Healthcare” conference in Las Vegas, a large-scale industry event focused on breakthrough innovation. The event will take place from May 6-9 in Las Vegas.

Health Nexus Public Sale?

SimplyVital Health also tweeted about other “big announcements”. Perhaps one of these announcements will reveal when the HLTL token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, or when the crowdsale begins, an information which SimplyVital Health’s 19,432 Telegram followers and 11,900 Twitter followers are eagerly awaiting.

Admins on the company’s Telegram have been saying that “tokens will be released during the Token Generation Event estimated this month,” which gives the community something else to look forward to.

When asked to provide more information on Telegram, the admins said that they just ended their presale recently and that now they are moving forward to doing KYC. Once they are done with the KYC, they will be moving forward with the next steps. So anyone who is really excited about Health Nexus, stay tuned in their Telegram/Discord for updates! Just like the rest of us, you’ll have to wait for new information to get released.