Randall Kaplan Joins Zebi as Key Advisor


A month ago, on March 19, Zebi reached its $10 million ICO hardcap and revealed its plans to become the primary blockchain network in India. Zebi’s plans were solidified after it reached an agreement with an Indian state government and signed a multi-year contract to manage the state’s big data – incorporating more than 50 million people.

However, instead of stopping there, the team has been working hard on expanding and developing the platform ever since, and now they got Randall Kaplan on board to help them revolutionize how governments and companies deal with the insane amounts of data generated every year.

When it comes to helping companies grow and develop, there are few entrepreneurs with a more impressive resume than Kaplan. His journey started with Akamai Technologies, a company he co-founded more than 20 years ago. Today, Akamai is a content delivery network provider responsible for serving between 20% and 30% of all web traffic worldwide, with 64 offices in 28 countries and an annual revenue of $2.4 billion.

Randall Kaplan is also a prominent venture investor – as the CEO of Jump Investors, he is focused on jump starting companies – helping them develop during their early and growth stages. His other successful projects include Sandee, LLC, a travel company, and CollarCard, LLC, which sells patented men’s collar stays in 30 plus countries worldwide.

Over the last 20 years in the technology industry, Kaplan has invested in 60 tech startups when they were still in the early stages, including Postini, Google, and Seagate. He has also served as an advisor to more than 50 companies.

Randall Kaplan showed great enthusiasm about Zebi, saying that their impressive technology and blockchain-based solutions for protecting important and sensitive data are perfect both for governments and enterprises. He believes that Zebi has all the prerequisites to be extremely successful, considering the size of the market they are addressing. As an entrepreneur who is passionate about working with talented, hard-working visionaries, Kaplan is dedicated to creating long-lasting companies.

What makes Zebi a long-lasting company, though?

At the moment, Zebi is one of the most innovative and promising blockchain startups in India. With more and more people gaining access to the Internet and smartphones, the country is generating unprecedented amounts of data, expected to reach a trillion gigabytes by 2020. A lot of that data is sensitive and valuable, such as health records, employment documents, and education certificates. At the same time, there is a high incidence of data crimes including tampering, leaking and hacking.

Zebi is looking to provide a secure, protected platform for the seamless and consent-based exchange of data, free of tampering and hacking.

The platform consists of Zebi Chain, an immutable ledger of essential records, and Zebi Data Gateway, which serves as an instant, secure data exchange hub. Zebi has already demonstrated that it has the potential to succeed after the success of its ICO and the multi-year contract serving 50 million people, mentioned at the very beginning.

The ICO succeeded because Zebi already had a fully-functional product and because its team consists of Silicon Valley experts (formerly employed at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Uber), and graduates from MIT, Oxford, IIT and Stanford.

Now, with the key addition of Randall Kaplan, Zebi is well on its way to become a full service platform that will allow others to make their own apps, while Zebi works on becoming the Blockchain of India.