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Decentralized supercomputer that preserves privacy.

Perlin ICO Review

Today’s cloud computing is expensive and centralized in a few IT giant companies. Last news from Microsoft about developing cloud computing was that they are going to put servers into the ocean because they are easier to cool that way – so no wonder that cloud computing is expensive.

Perlin has found a way to make supercomputing accessible and affordable to developers, researchers, startups, and entrepreneurs by harvesting computing potential from everyday smart devices from all over the world. Perlin is using DAG-based distributed ledger (a data structure that maintains a topological sorting) with Avalanche consensus (a leaderless Byzantine fault-tolerant metastable distributed ledger protocol). This type of protocol is much more decentralized and efficient than PoW and PoS. For example, Ethereum speed of 10-15 TPS and spanning from minutes to hours to transact is much slower than Avalanche consensus that achieved 1,300 TPS with 2,000 nodes in 4.2 – 5.8 sec. median speed.
So Perlin has created a solution for affordable, decentralized, trustless and fast cloud computing marketplace with high power, providing developers to create DApps with ease, security, and scalability within the infrastructure of Perlin’s ledger.

Code reviewers with high marks are more than positive:
“The overall quality of the code is significantly better than other blockchain projects we have reviewed (Tron, IOTA, Hashgraph², for example). Its quality and sophistication is comparable to typical code at a “big five” tech company.” says Michael Graczyk
“I seriously don’t know, I’m at a loss for words. I want to work with these guys. This is as good as I’ve seen in quite a while.” says Andre Cronje
An all-star team with experience in establishing blockchain projects, they have strong strategic investors, implementing Avalanche protocol is a big plus.
There is a big challenge for the success of the Perlin project because for adoption they have to fulfill both sides – supply and demand.

Positive and negative sides of Perlin are an all-star team with experience in establishing blockchain projects, they have a strong strategic investors, implementing Avalanche protocol is a big plus and Perlin is entering a huge market with a lot of room to growth, but at the same time there are some strong competitors that could take some pieces of cake like Ankr network, Difinty, and DADI. Of course, there is also a big challenge for the success of the Perlin project because for adoption they have to fulfill both sides – supply and demand.


Perl has 30 big capital investors, and some of them are:

FBG Capital – digital asset management firm in the blockchain-based capital market. Portfolio – MakerDAO, Zilliqa, Eximchain, Republic Protocol.

DHVC – a VC fund that invests primarily in early stage and growth stage company with disruptive technology/business model, big market, and excellent team. Portfolio – Ontology, Mainframe, Ankr Network, Origin Protocol, Open Platform.

OK Blockchain Capital – they are also a world-leading crypto exchange that will probably list Perl after ICO (OKEX).

Dekrypt Capital – a leading investment firm focused on blockchain infrastructure, privacy-preserving technologies, and early-stage ventures.

BlockTower – a leading cryptocurrency investment firm, bringing professional trading and portfolio management to an emerging digital asset class.

ZhenFund – a seed fund founded by former entrepreneurs to invest in the most promising innovators.

Bitman – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mining rigs with profits of $4b last year.


In crypto surrounding competitors are:

  • Dfinity – still in ICO phase, they canceled their token sale and now going for airdrop. Hard cap is 90M $. Mainnet is set to end of this year.
  • DADI – they collected 29M $, and their testnet is coming next month and mainnet by end of year. Currently, they have a market cap of 15,959,370$.
  • Ankr  Network – currently in ICO phase. Hard cap is 15,950,000$. Mainnet is set to end of year 2018.

Outside competitors:

Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, and Alibaba are centralized cloud computing service providers represent a $180b industry today, and in 5 yrs it is expected to be 3x bigger.

Competitors median market cap: 16,000,000$
30900   3100   107   760
Hype tools used:

Andre Cronje (code reviewer) wrote: “I seriously don’t know, I’m at a loss for words. I want to work with these guys. This is as good as I’ve seen in quite a while.”


Token price in USD
0,25 $
Hard cap
Currencies accepted

Seed Sale (Last December/ January 2017/18 ): Token price of 0,04$ (84% discount) with 12 month vesting (all released at the end of 12 months).
Strategic Sale (April/ May 2018): Token price of 0,12$ (50% discount) with 6 month vesting (vesting pro rata each month).
Private Sale (June/ July 2018): Token price of 0,20$ (25% discount) with 3 month vesting (all released at the end of 3 months).

Crowdsale price is 0,25$.


Perlin has 11 team members.

Dorjee Sun | Co-Founder & CEO | Commerce Degree and Law Degree at University of New South Wales (UNSW). Director at Home Group, and Carbon Conservation for 11 yrs., was a Director at Who Gives for 3 yrs., Carbon Argo for 4 yrs., Asiagroove for 3 yrs., Elevate Education for 2 yrs., and cvMail Services for 3 yrs. Dorjee is also an advisor for Santiment, Quadrant Protocol, Airbloc Protocol, Blue Frontiers, Republic Protocol, Loki, and Won the Asialink Leaders Program Alumni Award, been named one of Australia’s Young Leaders by The Australian newspaper. Dorjee is the World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leader 4,5 yrs., and an entrepreneurship teacher to Ph.D. students at Macquarie University and UNSW. His work has been on the front page of TIME magazine (TIME Hero of the Environment) Wall Street Journal, and covered in BBC, ABC, PBS, Fortune, CNBC, DiscoveryForbes and other media.

Kenta Iwasaki | Co-Founder & CTO | Bachelor of Engineering, C.S. at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and CUPP Go To Market Bootcamp at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Kenta is a Founder and CTO of Dranithix (constructing CPA/PPD internet marketing systems) for almost 6 yrs., and Senior Software Engineer at Magario International Company Limited (programming back-end/front-end systems) for 3 yrs. Kenta also has experience as Robotics Engineer at DJI and Artificial Intelligence Researcher at NAVER Corp. for 9 mos. About 8 mos ago she founded Velcron Limited (decentralized cryptocurrency exchange). Kenta is a winner of many awards. won several international hackathons at Stanford University, US Department of State, University of Pennsylvania, University of Waterloo, EOS, General Electric, IBM, and ETH Denver.

Mizra Uddin | Head of Business Development | Bachelor’s Degree at Harvard University. Worked as Investment Banker at Citi, Venture Capital at East Ventures, Business Developer at Releaf for less than a year, and Venture Capital at Index Ventures (invested in companies such as Facebook and Dropbox). Mizra was also an Investor at Two Sigma for a year and an advisor for Eden partners Inc. and One Ledger Technology Inc.


Perlin team has 9 advisors.

Vincent Zhou | Partner at FBG Capital | Worked as Senior IT Specialist at IBM for almost 5 yrs., and as Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle for almost 3 yrs. Vincent is an early investor in blockchain and he is one of crypto hedge fund managers that are considered visionary and the most well-connected in Asia.

Taiyang Zhang |CEO of Republic Protocol | He is also an Advisor for Loki, and a Co-founder of Virgil Capital managing more than $30M in assets.

Howard Wu |Co-founder of Dekrypt Capital | Worked as Software Engineer at Google for a year, and he is also an Advisor at Blockchain Berkeley.

Michael Arrington| Founder of TechCrunch | Michael also Co-Founded CrunchFund, invested in Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest. “One of the World’s 100 most influential people” by Time Magazine, 2008.

Lesse Clausen | Co-founder of 1kx | He is an advisor for Fund Request, Request Network, Loki, and Dock. Founder and CEO of FOUNDD, and Daily Ride – Carpooling for Commuters.

Jack Yi | Founder of LD Capital | Jack was ranked by top Tech review agency in China as Top 10 blockchain investors of 2017.

Stephen Banfield | Partner at Withers Singapore | Stephan is well known for legal expertise on tokenized projects and cryptocurrencies, and also on other emerging technologies.

Dr. Taylor Sittler | Partnership Advisor | Taylor is a Co-Founder of Color Genomics. He is interested in the interface of computing and medicine.

Addison Huegel | PR Advisor | Has worked with the Ethereum Foundation and DEVCON1, Kyber, Binance, Republic Protocol, Zilliqa, and many others. He spent two years writing software for the Mars Orbiter program at NASA Ames Research Center.

No roadmap yet.

Project phase

Pearl has released Noise – P2P networking stack for developing decentralized applications and cryptographic protocols written in Go. It is open sourced and accessible on Github.

Whitelist start
Private sale start
Private sale end
Crowdsale start

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Decentralized supercomputer that preserves privacy.

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