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It is a decentralized sharing economy marketplace on the blockchain.

Origin Protocol ICO Review

Origin Protocol mission is to enable shared economy without intermediaries to the decentralized web. Now with help of Origin Protocol business and developers can build their marketplace on the blockchain. In that marketplace, they can list their products, assets, and services. With no intermediates, buyers and sellers can find each other, make bookings, browse listings and leave reviews and ratings.

They aim to replace centralized sharing economy like Airbnb, Uber, Fivver, etc. Centralized systems are fragile and subject to cyber attacks. In history, Airbnb had been attacked and many profiles were stolen just like Uber when hackers stole 27 million driver and rider profiles and asked a ransom of 100k $. In many countries and cities, Uber and Airbnb were forbidden to do business because of regulations.

Decentralization with blockchain will address these problems and bring a solution, and it will be securely, bringing value to the whole ecosystem not only to one centralized company. Origin Protocol will also have governance system for evaluating users and services.

Origin Protocol has a great team with a lot of experts, great advisors, already more then 40 partners to use their product, very notably investing funds backing them up, an alpha product on testnet, hype, they have all and even more than that for success. But we are still waiting for token metrics to complete the review.

The team is also working with ConsenSys for code auditing and security.

For now, they raised 28,5M funding via strategic partners.

Origin Protocol has announced next funding round on Coinlist – they called it Coinlist token sale (not a crowdsale). Round hard cap: $6.6M. Each participant must confirm $200k annual income for the last 2 years or net worth over $1M (accredited investors). Here is the link: https://medium.com/originprotocol/origins-next-funding-round-now-live-on-coinlist-147096f6a906

They are still thinking about a way how to include regular investors to participate in the token sale, so there is still a chance they will be doing a crowdsale.



They already have more than 40 partners that will use their protocol including Propy, Blocklancer, Storiqa, NuCypher, WeTrust, BEE, Deconet and Aworker.

They have 23 investment funds that invested in the project, and some of them are:
Pantera Capital, DHVC, FBG Capital, Cypher Capital, Beyond Blocks, KBW Ventures, Spartan, PreAngel, etc.


Origin protocol is beyond their centralized competitors because it gathers all the fields of the sharing economy together and brings back financial and strategic value to the ecosystem. Competitors are Airbnb, Uber, Fiverr, etc.

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Hype tools used:

There is a lot of interest for this project what we can see from a number of TG members (37k on 04/07/2018) with no airdrop, referral or bounty program. They raised a lot of their fund through the private sale from strategic partners, and definitely, a lot of people would like to invest in this project and waiting for their chance, so there is obviously a demand.

Here are few media links:









Token price in USD
Token price in crypto
Hard cap
ICO supply
Total supply
Currencies accepted
Presale min. investment
1000 $
Presale max. investment
Crowdsale min. investment
Crowdsale max. investment
Allocation of funds

Origin Protocol will allocate tokens in this manner:

32.5% for Token sale – Advisory, Strategic and CoinList rounds,

25% of the token supply will go to employees, consultants, and advisors,

42.5% of the token supply will be hold in reserves.


The core team of Origin Protocol consists of 12 team members, which 6 of them are developers. Extended team consists of 9 members.

Josh Fraser | Co-founder | Has a BS in Computer Science, Clemson University. Josh was co-founder & CEO of Torbit (tools for optimization and performance of websites sold to top sites like Windows, Amazon, and Intel) which was acquired by Walmart Labs, for 2,5 yrs. Also, he was a CTO at Din (ex.Forage – ingredient delivery for restaurant recipes) for almost 2 yrs. and CTO at EventVue (a social network for conferences) for 3 yrs.

Matthew Liu | Co-founder | Has an MS in Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University. Matthew was a Product Manager for YouTube 4 yrs and for Google 3,5 yrs. Vice president and Product Manager for Qwiki 6 mos and Bonobos 1 yr. Co-founder of Unicycle Labs (ridesharing space) 3 yrs. and PriceSlash for 1,5 yr.

Stan James | Senior Engineer | Has an MS in Cognitive Science, Universitat Osnabruck (Maschine learning, Neuroscience). Stan was Director of Advanced Technology at Relevant Play (ex. WABA Fun – authentication and identification technologies) for 3 yrs. Founder and CTO at Lijit Networks (raised $1.5MM in seed and a $3.3MM Series A venture round) for 3 yrs. Computer Vision Specialist in Consulting (first iOS game to use face detection) for 1 yr. Also, Stan worked as Principle Prototype Engineer and Mobile Development Team Lead at Sphero (spherical robot) for 2 yrs.

Cuong Do | Senior Engineer | Has a BS in CS, Carnegie Mellon University. Cuong was a Software Engineer/Manager at PayPal for 3 yrs., Founding Engineer/Manager at YouTube for 3,5 yrs., and Head of NYC Engineering at Dropbox for 2 yrs. Also has experience as Engineering Manager at Cockroach Labs for 3 yrs.


Addison Huegel | Managing Partner at Elevator Communications, LLC for 12 yrs. | He was Head of Communications for Zilliqa, Marketing Advisor for Republic Protocol and Advisor for CryptoCurve.

Melody He | Partner and co-Founder of Spartan Group | Worked for Goldman Sachs as Financial Analyst for over 2 yrs., and as General Member at AngelVest Group for 4,5 yrs.

Paul Veradittakit | Investor at Pantera Capital | Advisor for Orchid Labs, ICON Foundation, Enigma MPC, Cofound.it and Mentor for Golden Gate Ventures, Boos VC, Alchemist Accelerator and the House Fund.

Joey Krug | Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital & Co-Founder of Augur | Joey worked as Technical Advisor for Tlon (internet for dApps), Numerai (intelligence that controls the capital in the fund). Contributor for Forbes, Advisor for Doc.ai and Investor at AngelList Syndicate.

Team started to develop project last year in May, they made an idea conception and demo dApp development. In September they released Whitepaper and in launched alpha on Ethereum testnet in December. For now they are in line with their roadmap but they are running of time for public beta and community sale in Q2. Token distribution and launch of 3rd-party DApps is scheduled for Q3 2018. And in 2019 they plan to have fully decentralized services and governance.

Project phase

They have a working alpha product on testnet. Anybody can try it, sell or buy listed stuff and see how it works.

Private sale start
Private sale end
Presale start
Token distribution
Q3 2018

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It is a decentralized sharing economy marketplace on the blockchain.

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