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A Universal Blockchain Protocol Enabling Cross-ledger Access through Business Modularization

OneLedger ICO Review

OneLedger is bringing a solution that could help adoption of the blockchain in small and large businesses by enabling them to create private and public blockchains with unique network consensus. So just like in their own business internal systems, they will have security and control but with all benefits of the blockchain. OneLedger allows developers to build their dApps on one platform/chain and then connect it with other chains on the blockchain. That will be done through SDK that allows master smart contract which then translates to other languages of smart contracts if needed. Also, OneLedger will release modularization tools, which will communicate with OneLedger protocol using its API gateway and in that way applications will be able to synchronously interact with the different public and private blockchain side chains implemented in OneLedger’s protocol.

OneLedger is a cross-ledger agnostic protocol that enables high-performance scaling using a
sharded and modified practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus scheme (2/3 votes needed on the side chain and then submitted to the main chain) – which allows for either
a permissionless or permissioned setting.

OneLedger highlights are:

Business Modularization

Protocol-based Blockchain Communication

High-performance Transactions

Multi-chain Runtime Support

The only concern about OneLedger is that their prototype is not delivered to the public yet and they should bring more partnerships to the project. But since the team is reliable and strong there is a feeling they can fulfill their promise. OneLedger is certainly a project with a good chance of success.


OneLedger has 3 partnerships:
Polymath - The Securites Token Platform (CEO is an advisor, they had a successful ICO in March)
MW Partners – business partner that delivers the right resources and solutions enabling our clients to achieve their business objectives. (Staffing Solutions, Talent Acquisition Support (EQ), Retention and Development (EQ), Performance Management (EQ) , Outsourcing Support, and Consulting Services)
Trust 2 Pay – social credit card rating system based on the blockchain
Early investors:
Gwei Capital (leading Crypto investment fund focused exclusively on blockchain enabled projects), TGO Capital, QUBE, Crypto Capital Group, Signal Ventures, Seven Venture Capital, Liunar Link, Dream Edge Ventures and Block Ground Capital.


OneLedger team claims that OneLedger is focusing on an entirely new set of problems because OLT is not just binding various decentralized ecosystems, but bridging existing centralized space with them.
AION – aims to connect private and public blockchains through their protocol and give them reliability and scaling
Cosmos – intends to bring together and give interactivity to all the chains
OverLedger – trying to make an operating system for blockchain, targeting enabling dApp portability within decentralized realm

OneLedger will support multi-party side chains, a solution to bridge the centralized systems with the decentralized ones. Build the dApps on the centralized side and able them to develop in a controlled environment, and then transport them to the blockchain. The main thing that makes OneLedger different from all of the competition is not trying to be a dominant solution, but a gateway to use for bringing centralized systems to the blockchain.

Aion – Currently has a market cap of 304M, ATH market cap was 645M. They raised 20M during ICO.
ICON – Currently has a market cap of 1B, ATH market cap was 4,5B. They raised 42M during ICO.
Wanchain – Currently has a market cap of 479M, ATH market cap was 1B. They raised 36M during ICO.
Cardstack – fundraising 35M currently raised 27M in presale.
Polkadot – received 359M last year for ICO, not yet on market.
OverLedger – received 36,9M in ICO end of April.

Competitors median market cap: 594,000,000 $
25200   3774   269   816
Hype tools used:
Proof of care / Proof of support

OneLedger is a project that has caused a lot of excitement in crypto world without any airdrops and bounties. They only have an Ambassador Program for whitelisted for getting in tiers 1, 2 and 3.

Token price in USD
0,052 $
Hard cap
15,000,000 $ (~103,676 ETH)
ICO supply
Total supply
Token % for public
What happens to unsold tokens
Will be allocated to the company reserve
Currencies accepted
Presale min. investment
1.Presale: 20 ETH || 2. Presale: 50 ETH
Presale max. investment
1. Presale: 300 ETH || 2. Presale: 50 ETH
Crowdsale min. investment
0,1 ETH
Crowdsale max. investment
The final allocation for each tier is: Tier 1 $1,500.00 (3.1151 ETH), Tier 2 $751.00 (1.5596 ETH), Tier 3 $383.00 (0.7954 ETH)

First Private presale for 6 million USD had a bonus of 25%.
Second Private presale for 3 million USD had a bonus of 20%.
There will be no bonus for crowdsale.

Token distribution

35% Sale Distribution
25% Community Reserve (locked for a minimum of 6 months in smart contracts, and followed by 1 to 2+ years vesting schedule for the long-term benefit of the community).
15% Team & Advisors (for team vesting period of 24 months with quarterly cliffs implemented in smart contracts and for advisors vesting period of 12 months with monthly cliffs implemented in smart contracts).
10% Company Reserve (locked for the first 6 months and followed by a vesting period of 18 months with monthly cliffs implemented in smart contracts).
15% Marketing and Long-term Partners (vesting period of 3 to 6 months for marketing reserve. A minimum of 6 months lock-up period followed with a 1 to 2+ years vesting period target for long-term partners. All vesting and lock-up periods implemented in smart contracts).


OneLedger team consists of 9 members which 3 of them are blockchain engineers and 2 are full-stack developers.

David Cao | Founder & CEO | Computer Science at University of Science and Technology of China. David worked as a Lead Commerce Consultant at Xerox for 5 yrs, Nurun 1 yr, Onx Enterprise Solutions 2 yrs, and as a Senior Java/J2EE/ecommerce Consultant with almost 5 yrs experience at IBM. Presently David is a Chairman of Canada China Blockchain Professional Association for a year.

Alex Todd | CTA | Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting, University of Toronto. Alex is a founder & CEO of Trust 2 Pay (social credit card rating system based on the blockchain) for 3,5 yrs. Worked as a CTO for PRESTO, a division of Metrolinx for 2,5 yrs. and as a Founding Principal of Trust Enablement Inc. for 8,5 yrs. Also worked as a Managing Consultant in Information Security and Trust at IBM for over 4 yrs. He designed and developed a planner called President’s Planner and sold it online in 1991, 5 yrs before World Wide Web.

Stephen(Yang) Li | Lead Engineer | BS, Computer Science at University of Electronic Science and Technology. Stephan is a Founder of Services Informatiques YANG-LI Inc. (high quality IT service). Stephan is a Former Consultant (as full stack developer) for Morgan Stanley for over a year. Has an experience from IBM as a Staff Software Engineer for 3,5 yrs and Microsoft as an SDE Lead for almost a year.

Paul W. Homer | Senior Blockchain Engineer | Bachelor of Mathematics, CS and Combinatorics & Optimization. Paul worked as an Application Consultant at CIBC (Banking) for 6 yrs. Less than a year at IBM as Software Developer. Paul has a experience as Chief Tech. Officer for Medea Group 5 yrs and as Technical Analyst for Princess Margareth Hospital 6 yrs. Also worked as a programmer for Reuters for almost 4 yrs.


OneLedger have 10 advisors.

Trevor Koverko | CEO of Polymath, CEO of Digital Assets international for 2 yrs and CEO of eProf Education Inc. for 3 yrs. Trevor was a President of Skyline Capital Management (real estate fund) for 6 yrs. He is a long years investor in Lumenix, Crypto Currency Services Inc., Royality Exchange,, EOS Cayman Islands, etc.

Matthew Niemerg | Ph. D in Mathematics, Colorado State University. Distributed Ledger Technology and Security Advisor for OneLedger. Worked in Center of Excellence Postdoc in High-Performance Computing at IBM for 2 yrs. Has experience in blockchain security, consensus models, business development and crypographic schemes.

Jor Law | Doctor of Law, Co-founder of Verify Investor, LLC (verification of accredited investor status) for 5 yrs and Co-founder of Homeier Law PC for 9 yrs. He is also a Director of Network Optix for over 7 yrs. Known as an attorney with expertise in alternative finance and securitas.

Sam Yilmaz | Sam worked as a VP of Product Development for Engine Inc. (software company for natural processing language and artificial intelligence) for 1,5 yrs. Worked as Managing Partner at Decentralized Applications Fund for 3 yrs. Sam was also an Executive Director at BitAngels for 1,5 yrs in which firm has grown from 50 to 300 members.

Reuben Loo | Co-Founder of MW Partners Group. Reuben is an advisor for Loom Network, Hybrid Block and a Blockchain Community Manager at UTRUST (payment platform with cryptocurrencies).

By the end of 2017 team made a whitepaper and a Theoretical Proof of Concept. Now they are working on launching Ethereum sidechain testnet and MVP cross-chain consensus planned in June. Until the end of a year they will complete Bitcoin sidechain implementation, decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol, modularization tools and compilers, implementation of OneLedger Identity Management System and Smart Contract Authorization System and launch of OneLedger platform Alpha version. A release of a first OneLedger platform is scheduled for next year.

Project phase

Their MVP is not public yet and they will show interoperability in their MVP in June.

Whitelist end
Private sale start
Presale start
Crowdsale start
Token distribution
After crowdsale (locked)
Bonus unlock
No lockup
Exchange date

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A Universal Blockchain Protocol Enabling Cross-ledger Access through Business Modularization

Expected ROI
ICO starts in
ICO has ended

Token Metrics
Hard cap
15,000,000 $
(~103,676 ETH)
Soft cap
4,000,000 $
Crowdsale min. investment
0,1 ETH
Token price
0,052 $
ICO supply
Total supply