Keynote’s World Blockchain Forum Coming to London


world blockchain forum london

Keynote’s World Blockchain Forum is coming to London. After the major success in Dubai in April, the world’s premier blockchain conference will once again bring together some of the most talented and brilliant minds in the industry, helping the blockchain space grow by stimulating learning, making connections and helping new ideas come to the forefront.

The biggest influencer event in the blockchain industry will be revisiting UK’s capital between 3rd and 5th September 2018, a bit more than a month from now, for an evening of networking followed by two days packed with exciting presentations, discussions and new solutions.

World Blockchain Forum Agenda

In its recently published conference agenda, Keynote revealed just how much WBF London will be focusing on the future of ICOs, especially now that STOs (security token offerings) appear to be taking over.

Apart from STOs, the conference will examine the newest trends and investments, assessing the potential of blockchain technology for further growth and development. After featuring star speakers such as Craig Sellars (co-founder of Tether), Patrick Bryne (CEO at, John McAfee (founder of McAfee), Brock Pierce (Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital), Charlie Lee (founder of Litecoin), Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum), and Star Xu (CEO of OKCoin), Keynote has once again successfully brought together more than 100 industry leaders and visionary presenters and influencers.

With some of the largest ICOs ever under their belt, the speakers will focus on successful ICOs in the past and in the future, as well as regulations, legal guidelines, and what effects decentralization may have on the future of the banking sector.

Some of the confirmed speakers will include:

  • David Chaum, the inventor of Digital Cash, who will talk about the “Rise of Crypto”
  • Veronica McGregor, partner at Goodwin, heading the regulation panel
  • Jeff Berwick, Editor-In-Chief of The Dollar Vigilante
  • Sang Lee, CEO of Darcmatter, talking about “The Tokenization of Asset Management”
  • Jason King, co-founder of Academy, on the topic of “Securing the Future of Blockchain”
  • Jo-Jo Hubbard, co-founder and COO of Electron, who will discuss “Blockchain & the Energy Transition”
  • Marjan Delatinne, Ripple’s Global Head of Banking, on the topic of “Ripple Solving Global Payments”
  • Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director at ConsenSys, talking about “Blockchain for Social Impact”
  • Jack Gavigan, COO at ZCash, who will discuss “Open, Permissionless, Zero-Knowledge Cryptography”
  • Joshua Halferty, CEO and founder of CryptoCurve, talking about “One Exchange. All of Crypto. Decentralised.”

With a diverse list of presenters, the World Blockchain Forum is not only about rehashing the same old arguments and drumming on about Ethereum and Bitcoin, as pivotal as they may be. The conference will also showcase the latest innovations, helping both newcomers and veterans learn a thing or two about investing wisely and recognizing where the future of blockchain is heading.

keynote wbf london

World Blockchain Forum Keynote Fund

To stimulate growth from within the ecosystem, Keynote’s World Blockchain Forum London will serve as the launchpad for a massive $6 million fund, whose main purpose will be to promote inclusion and diversity in the blockchain industry.

The fund will actively enable everyone to participate equally in the growth and development of the neverending blockchain revolution.

Moe Levin, founder and CEO of Keynote and the man behind the idea, stated that, since digital currencies are primarily about “democratizing and equalising”, it is essential that “the industry is representative of the global population.” In his view, increased diversity will lead to even greater achievements collectively, which is why Keynote is committed to supporting and showcasing diverse projects, giving everyone an equal opportunity to make it, even if they may lack the connections and insider knowledge at first.

A Note on Keynote

Keynote, launched in 2012 by Moe Levin, is the organizer of the World Blockchain Forum events.

Featuring world-class experts talking about emerging challenges and cutting-edge technologies, previous conferences have often been the first stepping stone for major disruptors and innovators in the industry, not least of all Dash, RSK, and Ethereum.

As an integral part of the industry for the past 6 years, Keynote continues to provide fertile ground for blockchain enthusiasts worldwide to grow, innovate, discover, and shape the blockchain industry.

By being a part of the World Blockchain Forum London, attendees can watch new industry leaders emerge, new trends take over, and new avenues of success take shape in front of them in real time.