HyperQuant is a multi level program architecture designed for the creation of financial services through the use of AI and blockchain technology.

HyperQuant ICO Review

HyperQuant aims to solve the issues of traditional centralized financial systems and issues which were introduced by the creation of blockchain technology.

Their architecture is built upon several layers, listed below in a top-down approach:

  • Application layer: services for retail and corporate users, includes dApps, FinTech services, financial contracts, trading bots, investment algorithms,
  • AI layer: neural network and ranking system used as a governing layer for managing other platform elements,
  • Core layer: system core (frameworks, protocols, databases, gateways) that enables development of algorithmic trading solutions,
  • Operation layer: based on Ethereum blockchain, provides smart contract functionality.

They will use merkle cryptographic proof of operation and Ethereum’s immutable blockchain as a secure verification of all trading deals while also preserving client’s privacy. This system is also computationally efficient and is very conservative in terms of traffic usage.

In a nutshell, they will provide algorithmic trading solutions like smart order execution strategies, market making algorithms, smart risk management strategies with various models, hedging strategies and AI based financial advisor for any financial application.

HyperQuant use cases include:

  • Electronic communication network and smart order routing – processing transactions of private clients through multiple exchanges connected to liquidity pools via smart order routing. Smart order routing allows for decentralization of orders and provides best prices of the open market.
  • Trading bot constructor – web based bot programming solution which allows designing trading bots without previous programming experience through various pre-built templates and trading indicators.
  • Quantitative framework – cloud service with various modules and utilities used for research and design of trading strategies.
  • SDK – open libraries used for algorithmic trading, can be used for deploying both short and long term strategies. Programming in C# and Python will be supported.
  • Marketplace of trading signals – may put an end to various scammy pay groups available across crypto community today. Every automated trading signal system will be reviewed by professionals before being released to public marketplace. Trading signals providers will be able to keep their strategies confidential.

Their Github linked on their website doesn’t have any recent activity, last commit was 4 months ago. They probably have private repositories but I haven’t seen any code reviews from trusted third parties.

Token usage

HyperQuant tokens called HQT will be fueling the platform economy and serve as a sole payment currency. In order to gain access to platform features all participants (trading bot users, developers, various organization) will be required to hold a specific amount of HQT tokens. For example trading bots will have several levels defined by total amount of trading capital, bot owners will need to hold increasing amount of HQT tokens to keep the bot running as it reaches higher tiers. Spending tokens will be required for modifying investment plans and developing dApps on HyperQuant platform. Earning tokens will be possible through sharing profitable trade signals and providing intelligence data. Tokens will also provide trading discounts in all partnered exchanges.


Their staff told us that they can’t disclose any partnership details even though they listed them on their websites. They seem to serve as teasers only, specific details of most of their relationships is yet to be announced.

KuCoin seems to be their main strategic partner currently. KuCoin will adopt HyperQuant technologies and modernize their API which will be used by HyperQuant bots. They also plan to create cryptocurrency index fund together. Apparently they are also negotiating deals with two top 3 crypto exchanges by volume.

Exchange partnerships will provide several benefits among all partnered exchanges including:

  • Market making service for newly listed tokens. Staking HQT tokens will be required.
  • Order matching which will optimize liquidity, fees and pairing rates.
  • Increased liquidity

HyperQuant is a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative.


There is another ICO project that will be offering similar services called AITrading. They seem to have a better team but a much larger hardcap. Another competitor is Cindicator, but they focus solely on predicting market conditions through collective and artificial intelligence.

Competitors median market cap: 40,000,000 $
33276   1120  
Hype tools used:

They had an airdrop for which 160,000 tokens has been allocated. They will distribute it 30 days after ICO. They also have active bounties on BitcoinTalk, 3,200,000 (1% of total tokens) tokens has been reserved for bounties.

Despite inflated numbers of their social accounts, their telegram channel seems fairly active even though it lacks constructive discussion.

Token price in crypto
0,00028 ETH
Hard cap
20,000 ETH (~3,571,255 $)
ICO supply
Total supply
Token % for public
What happens to unsold tokens
Frozen for 2 years
Currencies accepted

Largest bonus was supposedly 20% in the private sale. But some ICO pools have gotten 25% bonus.

Token distribution
  • Token sale 35%,
  • Reserve fund 39%,
  • Team 15%,
  • Advisors & Partners 9%,
  • Bounty 2%.

We asked on Telegram about the reserve funds that make 39% of the total funds and we were told they will be used to develop their platform and community further. However, we didn’t get a reply for how long these funds will be locked. Big red flag.

Lock-up period:

  • Team – 1 year after the TGE,
  • Advisors – 6 months after the TGE,
  • Bonus – 3 months after the TGE (each month 1/3 is unlocked),
  • Bonuses for institutional investors will be locked up to 6 months.
Allocation of funds



A lot of the team members have mostly empty LinkedIn profiles, with either no experience or no information, most of the information about them is listed on the official HyperQuant page. Because of this it is a little difficult to get a clear, objective picture about some members and their expertise.

Their support team answered our questions vaguely and took a long time to come up with responses. Unfortunately they stopped responding when we got to the more sensitive questions and some basic questions they weren’t able to answer at all.

Pavel Pavchenko | CEO | Masters degree from Financial Academy under the Government of Russian Federation. In his LinkedIn experiences he only has listed his work at SPB Exchange as a head of quantitative trading department. His bio on Hyperquant site mentions he has over 14 years worth of experience in trading and that he is a multimillion hedge-fund and family office portfolio manager. It is also listed that he is a blockchain developer.

Paul Rogov | Managing Director | Bachelors from the Higher School of Economics. Previously he was a team leader at AIESEC. At Maestro Leonardo he worked as an executive director. Currently he works at Mail.Ru Group as a senior brand manager.

Dmitry Plohov | COO | Attended the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. At Grind.FM he worked as a radio show host and later as a project manager. At Mail.Ru Group he worked as a senior community manager at first and later as a producer.

Alex Jadaev | Senior Quant Trader | Attended Moscow Power Engineering Institute. Previously he was a senior industrial engineer at Almaz-Antey. Currently he works at Xelius Group Inc. as a Quant Trader.

Andrew Plotnikov | Chief Risk Officer | Attended the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation. He worked as a risk management specialist at Gazprombank and at Otkritie as a director of risk management.


HyperQuant currently has 8 advisors. Most of them have experience in blockchain technology and all of them have good experience in their respective fields. This team of advisors covers various fields, from project management, to finance, security and cryptospace.

Nikolay Volf | He worked as a developer for various companies. For 3 years he was an IT manager for Vitus Bering Ltd.  He worked at Alliance Healthcare. Previously, he also worked at TOPS Consulting as a senior software engineer. At Comindware he worked as a senior software architect. Currently he is working at Parity Technologies as a lead software developer, where he worked on Parity Ethereum client before it was released.

Richard Yun | Bachelors from the University of California, Berkeley. Previously he worked as a CFO at Exio Communication, Inc. For 4 years he was a senior financial analyst at Cisco. He was a CEO of Conaxtech, Inc. Currently he is a COO of Coinplug, Inc, a blockchain company where users can buy or sell bitcoins using their Korea bank account.

Andrew Fai | Bachelors from the University of California, Los Angeles. He also attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked at O.K. Logistics Inc as a sale associate. At Solar SMM, he was a VP of Sales. Currently he is a founder of Y0G1 and also works at Asia Blockchain Alliance as a CEO.

Mitchell Marrs | Bachelors from the University of Oklahoma. Previously he worked as an engineering intern at BP and ExxonMobil. He was a field engineer at Schlumberger. At Bedford Cost Segregation, LLC he was a project engineer. Besides being a strategic advisor for HyperQuant, he is also an advisor for Vanig. He also founded Ironwood Research Group, where he currently works at.

Nehemia Kramer | He attended Saint Petersburg State University. He has a lot of previous experiences working in finance and project management. His blockchain experiences goes all the way back to 2014, when he started working at Kramer Consulting as a Senior Consultant. This is a blockchain ecosystem business development, where he works today too. He also advises Web 3 Foundation and Bank Ex. He is a director at SIMEX – Digital Assets Exchange Platform. At ProChain Capital he is a senior partner.

Anton Shalaev | Bachelors from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. At 1C Company he worked as a licensing manager. Previously he worked as a head of marketing communications at National Ecological Industrial Alliance. At Millennium Management LLC as a project manager. He worked at Mail.Ru as a senior publishing producer and currently he works there as a senior manager corporate development.

Josef Muknšnábl | Masters from the University of West Bohemia. He worked at Vodafone as a quality assurance specialist and later as a senior business analyst. At Tesco he worked at as an IT project manager and at T-Mobile he worked as a senior internal auditor. Currently he is working at MONETA Money Bank as a senior internal auditor.

Elmar Malikov | Bachelors from Khazar University. He worked as a consultant at duman and at Private consulting. He was a CEO of MSC Group and currently he is a CEO of Liwing. He is also a founder of InvestWing, a company for coaching, supporting, consulting and advising ICO teams.

The original idea of HyperQuant started in 2016, when the team came up with the idea, did market research, first experiments and industry experts conducted conceptual evaluations. In 2017 they prepared the whitepaper and legal paperwork. Also, they developed trading strategies and backtested them on the real market data and built connectors to crypto trading platforms. 2018 is the year called alpha. They made blockchain-based investment plans and a mobile application for bot management. For the rest of the year they have in plan to make smart order routing and fast order execution protocol, trading bot marketplace and they plan to have token distribution soon. In 2019 they plan to have market data storage, quantitative framework with SDK and visual trading bot construction. 2020 is dedicated to effective executions of big trading orders, risk management and hedging software. They also plan to have AI financial advisor based on big data and neuro network.

Project phase

Currently they have an web app ready, which they plan to push to the Playstore once it is fully complete. This app is used to control and manage trading bots.

Private sale start
Private sale end
Presale start
Presale end
Crowdsale start
Presale is live
Crowdsale end
Bonus unlock
3 months after TGE

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HyperQuant is a multi level program architecture designed for the creation of financial services through the use of AI and blockchain technology.

Expected ROI
ICO starts in
ICO is live

Token Metrics
Hard cap
20,000 ETH
(~3,571,255 $)
Soft cap
5,000 ETH
ICO supply
Total supply