DAOstack powers decentralized companies, funds and markets to make fast and innovative decisions at scale.

DAOstack ICO Review

DAOstack enables the effective governance of self-organizing collectives

Blockchain governance – Decentralized governance based on Ethereum smart contracts enables faultless execution of crowd decisions.

Programmatic cooperation – Crypto-economic incentive design at the individual level empowers frictionless cooperation at the collective level.

Holographic consensus – Effective decision-making is possible with edge decisions guaranteed to be coherent with the will of the greater majority.


Gnosis is the first supporter of the project and the leading investor. Partnership with Gnosis is a win-win for both sides as there is a need to use each other’s technology. DAOstack will implement Gnosis’ prediction markets into their governance framework. On the other side, Gnosis will use DAOstack’s governance systems within their products. Note: This partnership is still not officially announced, but Matan Field, CEO of DAOstack mentioned it in the interview.
Another partnership – one with Endor is not really a partnership yet, but rather a friendly support of each other with strong potential of mutual integrations and joint ventures. This partnership is based on Matan’s relation with people from Endor and the fact they are both based in Israel.


The biggest competitor of DAOstack is Aragon. As per the interview with Matan Field, the CEO of DAOstack he does not see other similar projects as competitors but rather as colleagues because he believes most of the projects in this field will work together rather than compete with each other.
DAOstack’s biggest advantage is their design philosophy which is reflected in the fact that they started building the project bottom up after 2 years of intensive Research and Development. They’ve firstly built their platform and framework to be able to provide basis for any protocol. After that they’ve designed protocols, then the API layers and then the interface.
Another big advantage is their plan to establish a network of DAOs. By using this network effect, like the one Ethereum has now, it will be extremely hard for DAOstack’s competitors to keep up.

Competitors and their respective numbers:
Aragon – Raised ~$25mln in the ICO in May’17. Current market cap of $115mln. Reached $242mln ATH in Jan’18
Augur – Raised ~$5.1mln in the ICO in Aug’15. Current market cap of $500mln. Reached $1.2bln ATH in Jan’18
Wings DAO – Raised ~$2mln in the ICO in Nov’16. Current market cap of $57mln. Reached $180mln ATH in Jan’18

Competitors median market cap: 124,093,101
16654   3516   188   575

DAOstack was a proud sponsor of ETHDenver, one of the largest Ethereum hackathons to date. They offered bounties at the event while Matan Field was a keynote. Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbry-98kZg4&t=6s

DAOstack had significant coverage in specialized media:

Matan Field’s keynote at Ethereum Community Conference in Paris in Mar’18

Matan at Blockchain breakfast club:

Token price in USD
~ 0,9 $
Hard cap
30,000,000 $ (~207,352 ETH)
ICO supply
Total supply
Token % for public
What happens to unsold tokens
Currencies accepted
Private sale min. investment
100,000 $
Presale min. investment
Crowdsale min. investment
Token distribution

– 40M GEN made available for purchase, including advance and private purchases, the presale and the main token sale.
– 10M GEN for DAOstack existing contributors, including the founding team, advisors, and service providers. Team and advisor tokens are “locked”, meaning unable to be transferred, for two years from the main token sale.
– 10M GEN for DAOstack future contributors to the DAOstack ecosystem, to be managed by the DAOstack non-profit.
– In addition, the Genesis DAO, a community-managed fund in which anyone can participate, will eventually have the ability to mint and allocate additional tokens, up to a maximum of 40M, once it demonstrates stability and security.

Allocation of funds

– DAOstack intends to use approximately USD 10,000,000 for the development of the DAO stack and ecosystem.
– The balance of funds received will be reserved for eventual management by the Genesis DAO, a decentralized fund in which anyone can create proposals according to the Genesis DAO’s governance protocol.
– Funds will be transferred to the Genesis DAO by the DAOstack non-profit gradually as it demonstrates stability and security.
– The Genesis DAO will serve to advance the DAOstack project and ecosystem, and will be investing primarily in proposals related to: the extension of the components of the DAO stack collaborative applications (Dapps) and interfaces that will integrate with the DAO stack support for/investments in organizations built on the DAO stack


DAOstack has 20 team members out of which 8 are developers.

Matan Field | CEO, co-founder and lead architect | Holds a PhD in physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science – one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research institutions. He is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded La’Zooz (5000+ donwnloads on Google Play with user rating 3,6) and Backfeed, a Social Operating System for Decentralized Organizations (last update on GitHub was in Oct’17)

Adam Levi | CTO and co-founder | Holds PhD in physics from the Technion – one of the largest centers of applied research in the world. Worked for 4 years at Technion as a Teaching assistant and for 3 years as a Radar engineer in Israel Defence Forces.

Oren Sokolowsky | Lead developer | Co-founded La’Zooz together with Matan Field. Moved to Sparkup Ltd. (advanced book reader for parents) to work as a R&D Manager for 1yr7mo.

Dor Garbash | Alchemy product lead | Founder and Business Director of Terran Collective – San Francisco based product development service provider. Dor holds Phd in applied computer science from Paris Descartes.


Jordan Greenhall is one of the early investors in DAOstack and he is also a mentor to the CEO Matan Field. Jordan is one of the pioneers of the internet decentralization. Among other roles, he was the CEO and co-founder of DivX, and a co-founder of MP3.com.
Daniel Schmachtenberger – co-founder of Neurohacker Collective and founder of Critical Path Global is also on board. He is not coming from the blockchain space but is well experienced and he is the leading thinker in the team as per Matan’s words.
Yoni Assia – CEO and founder of eToro.com, the social investment network.
Martin Köppelmann – co-founder and CEO of prediction market platform Gnosis (current valuation $107 mln)

Project phase

The Alchemy MVP is currently on testnet, with an alpha, invite-only mainnet prototype ready to be launched at the closing of the token sale. Alchemy is the first interface for DAOstack. It’s an application for decentralized budgeting and rewarding of open source projects.
According to the words of Matan Field, CEO of DAOstack they will be ready for the market by the end of July 2018.
By the end of September the team will work on crowd management of funds, improved voting protocols and contract stabilization and optimization. At the same time Alchemy should be in public beta.
DAOstack plans to launch Genesis DAO public pilot, Gnosis DAO and at least 5 pilot DAOs by the end of 2018.

Private sale end
Presale start
01/05/2018  6:00 am (CET)
Presale end
03/05/2018  6:00 am (CET)
Crowdsale start
08/05/2018  6:00 am (CET)
Crowdsale end
07/06/2018  6:00 am (CET)
Token distribution
Tokens will be released as soon as the sale ends on June 7th
Bonus unlock
There is a gradual lockup for private sale bonus (1st half is released after 30 days, 2nd half after 60 days)
Exchange date
Message from DAOstack telegram admin: Tokens will not be locked after the close of TGE. The latest date the TGE would close is June 6 (one month from start of main sale). So I would extrapolate from there :)

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DAOstack powers decentralized companies, funds and markets to make fast and innovative decisions at scale.

Expected ROI
ICO starts in
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Token Metrics
Hard cap
30,000,000 $
(~207,352 ETH)
Crowdsale min. investment
Token price
~ 0,9 $
ICO supply
Total supply