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CryptoCurve ICO Review

They launched MyCryptoCurve Wallet, which is an offline wallet compatible with Wanchain

CryptoCurve is developing MyCryptoCurve Wallet as new generation wallet (all in one wallet) that has some inventive features like:

  • Decentralised Exchange (fee discount if paid with CURV)
  • ICO Investing
  • ICO Pooling (run your own pooling smart contract)
  • ICO Staking (holders can lock up CURV tokens and receive free airdrops)
  • Nuke button (convert all coins or a percentage into ETH, BTC, or a stable coin)
  • Portfolio Tracking
  • Fiat Gateway
  • Fully Interoperable Wallet

CryptoCurve will also utilize burning tokens (buying back and then burning them).

Also they plan to develop CurveMask — a Wanchain based interoperable Metamask, and Wanchain Block Explorer that will enable live stream data from the Wanchain  blockchain.

CryptoCurve provides a lot of usage and simplicity for users. People love to have all things in one place so this product will surely attract a lot of users to the crypto world and advance the experience of crypto investing for existing ones especially for Wanchain.

The team is good and they have great advisors, a working product, great idea and their partnership with Wanchain is giving them all support to succeed.

Our concern is will the team be able to develop all the features because there is a lot of legally things to do behind fiat gateway and ICO investing (KYC, regulations). There is a question is there too many features for all of them be great? There is a lot of development ahead to bring all that to a needed level, a lot of work, and it is hard to be best in all things. There are already a lot of projects that are specialized in some field like pooling, DEX-s, portfolio tracking, etc., and it will be hard to compete with them unless they make it much better.


Wanchain – CryptoCurve made a strategic agreement that made them “Front-End of Wanchain”. With this partnership both ecosystems will benefit, CryptoCurve team will have strong guidance and support for development and the Wanchain blockchain will grow.


As what differentiates Cryptocurve from their competitors, that would be that CryptoCurve’s goal is to be a one-stop shop for those in the space. Their eventual vision is that users looking to enter or pull back from the space can use our fiat gateway. From there they can use our DEX functionality to trade for what tokens they want. If they need to send funds, they can save contacts and store address info. Also, their nuke feature will allow people to quickly liquidate their altcoins for more established coins. Their platform will have inbuilt folio analysis allowing people to easily track their portfolios and also make tax time easier.

Competitors and their respective numbers:
Ethos – currently market cap $127.647.602, ATH market cap was 817M, and they raised 45M.
Bread – currently market cap $43.391.012, ATH market cap was 196M, and they raised 20M.
Blockport – currently market cap $9,185,342, ATH market cap was 42M, and they raised 15M.

Competitors median market cap: 60,000,000 $
12190   3572   313
Hype tools used:

CryptoCurve has more than 10k TG members (20/6/2018). There is a rumor that presale pledge was 11x oversubscribed with investments worth around 300M $. In the group, TG admin wrote: “we are heavily oversubscribed for the private sale”. Wanchain was one of few projects that were mostly anticipated in the first half of 2018, there is still a lot more to expect from them, and CryptoCurve is taking some share. They are the first to be built on the Wanchain blockchain.

Token price in USD
0,20 $
Hard cap
32,000,000 $ (~223,582 ETH)
ICO supply
Total supply
Token % for public
Currencies accepted
Presale min. investment
100 ETH
Crowdsale min. investment

Presale bonus is 25%
The bonus will be released initially and the base will be released at 20% per month for 5 months.

Token distribution

CryptoCurve token distribution:
50% Public,
35% CryptoCurve Foundation,
15% Team and Advisors.

Public allocation:
Allocation for presale is 26M $, and for public token sale 6M $.


CryptoCurve team consist of 10 team members.

Josh Halferty | Founder & CEO | BS in Industrial and System Engineering, Virginia Tech. Josh worked as Project Manager at Harmonia Holdings Group LLC for 6,5 yrs and as Technical Project Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for 1,5 yr.

Xander Yi | CFO | Doctor of Law, Arizona State University College of Law. Xander worked as Partner at Law Offices Gutierrez Yi for 4 yrs and as Law Clark at Arizona Attorney General’s Office for 5 mos.

Andrew Kerrison | Systems Architect | MSc Autonomous Systems, University of Exeter. Andrew worked as Web Developer at Iconography Ltd for 4 yrs and as Web Developer at Double First Ltd for almost 9 yrs.

Andre Cronje | Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer | ISE, Information Systems at CTI Information Group. Andre worked as Techical Team Leader at Vodacom for 2 yrs. and as Chief Technology Officer at Mobile Game Card Applications for 2 yrs. Also worked as Software Architect at Full Facting (Pty) Ltd. for 2 yrs, as Head of Technology at The Shoprite group of Companies for 3 yrs. and as Head of Technology at Freedom for 4,5 yrs. Currently working as Chief Crypto Code Review at CryptoBriefing.

Seán McGurk | Chief Security Officer | Sean was Director of Control System Security at U.S. Department of Homeland Security for 4 yrs. also worked as Chief Security Officer, Data Center Operations at Amazon Web Operations for 2 yrs. Sean has experience on working place as Industrial Control Systems Cybersecuritys at Verizon where he created the global practice for critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity.

Benn Godenzi | Marketing and Partnerships | Benn was Director at Outlast Nutrition almost 7 yrs. Strategic partner for Wepower, ICON, XTRADE.IO, Co-Founder of Interoperability Alliance, Director of Marketing at AION and Marketing Advisor at Wanchain Foundation Ltd.


CryptoCurve team has 6 advisors:

Dustin Byington | CEO at ‘Stealth-Mode’ Project on Wanchain | Dustin worked as Crisis Management Analyst at Goldman Sachs for 4,5 yrs., Founder & Dean of Bitcoin College for 2 yrs., Founder & Advisor at Stokens Venture Capital for 1,5 yrs. and President of Wanchain Foundation Ltd. for 9 mos.

Mark Ashelford | Head of Digital and Social Media at Russells Solicitors | Mark has more than 20 yrs legal experience working and advising tech start-ups, social media influencers and entertainment industries.

Rajesh Gopi | Co-Founder & President at Stealth Blockchain Project | Rajesh worked as Director of Hypori for 5 yrs., Consultant at Coinbase for 3 mos, and Vice President (Product & BD) of Wanchain Foundation Ltd. for 7 mos.

Addison Huegel | Managing Partner at Elevator Communications, LLC (12 yrs.) | Addison had been advising FundRequest, Kleros, Origin Protocol, Republic Protocol, and worked as Head of Communications at Zilliqa.

Tim Bukher | Partner at Thompson Bukher LLP (4 yrs) | Worked as Principal Advisor at Consulting (cryptocurrency and blockchain) for 1 yr., also worked as Partner at Handal & Morofsky, LLC (law firm focused on technology) for 4 yrs.

Moe Levin | Chief Executive Officer at Keynote (4,5 yrs) | Moe worked as Director of European Business Development at BitPay, Inc. for 1 yr. Also working as an Executive Committee Member at Global Blockchain Council for over 2,5 yrs. He provided strategic advisory for AION, Wanchain, Blaskmoon crypto, FuzeX, BlockV, Jibrel, etc.

CryptoCurve roadmap starts from when was founded in Q3 2017 and their first product for uncapped ETH ICO pooling was made. From then they made the CryptoCurve wallet on their website with Wanchain wallet functionality. Now the team is working on Curve token sale and developing Wanchain ICO Pooling and to allow users to participate in ICOs directly from the wallet in Q3 2018. We are still expecting a release of a whitepaper. Telegram admin wrote: “Our Curve Wallet commercial paper has been sent to private sale investors in anticipation of our white paper release”. For Q4 2018. they have scheduled Wanchain Interoperability, Ethereum ICO Pooling and allow portfolio tracking for users to track their assets on the Curve platform. Next year team will implement Wanchain DEX, Nuke Function and fiat gateway.

Project phase

They launched MyCryptoCurve Wallet, which is an offline wallet compatible with Wanchain
All-in one wallet, solution:
– Portfolio tracking
– Nuke ( Turn all your tokens into ETH, BTC or any stable coin )
– ICO lunch platform
– Smart contract pooling
– Staking
– Fiat gateway

Developer team is working on MVP, but is not finalized.

Whitelist start
Presale start
On going
Presale end
Crowdsale start
Crowdsale end
Token distribution
Bonus unlock
25% initially, 20% / per month for 5 mos.
Exchange date

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The curve wallet – the browser to blockchain.

Expected ROI
ICO starts in

Token Metrics
Hard cap
32,000,000 $
(~223,582 ETH)
Crowdsale min. investment
Token price
0,20 $
ICO supply
Total supply