BlockShow Europe 2018 Starts in Less Than 10 Days!


BlockShow Europe 2018

With the memory of last year’s BlockShow Europe in Munich still fresh in our minds, it is hard to believe that BlockShow Europe 2018 is less than 10 days away! Just like past BlockShow events, BlockShow Europe 2018 is also “a major international event for showcasing established blockchain solutions”, only this time, it’s bigger and more sensational than ever before, with 3,000 attendees, 150 exhibitors, more than 200 journalists, and a massive 50,000 EUR BlockShow Oscar award for startups.

BlockShow Europe 2018 will open the 2018 BlockShow season, with BlockShow Americas 2018 in Las Vegas scheduled for August, and BlockShow Asia 2018 in Singapore planned for November.

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About BlockShow

The hotly anticipated BlockShow Europe 2018 will take place in Berlin on May 28-29. The main purpose of the conference is to discover and showcase all the latest trends and innovations that are shaping the blockchain ecosystem, both in Europe and around the world. With more than 80 internationally recognized speakers and industry experts, the conference will showcase all of the latest developments from established and upcoming blockchain companies, helping attendees find new avenues and new approaches to disrupting dominant global industries.

BlockShow Berlin

The event was preceded by a total of eight blockchain meetups all across Europe over a period of two months. Attendees in cities including Zurich, Rome and Paris had the opportunity to hear from prominent speakers and participate in Q&A sessions with unprecedented networking opportunities.

The meetup attendees chose the winners of these Q&A sessions, all of whom will be participating in BlockShow’s popular startup competition, the BlockShow Oscar. The winner will receive the 50,000 EUR grand prize, which can go a long way towards building a successful company.

In the words of BlockShow Europe 2018 organizers, “the main goal of BlockShow Europe 2018 is to build a bridge between the European and Global Markets.”

With the number of projects, enthusiasts, influencers, companies and organizations backing the project, the attendees can count on an informative, exciting two days of networking and sharing ideas, with the list of keynote speakers including Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

BlockShow Welcomes Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia

Although Jimmy Wales is less vocal about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology than some of the scene’s go-to proponents such as Tim Draper and Jack Dorsey, he has always been very positive when it comes to digital currency developments. He was “playing with BTC” as early as 2014, and once Wikipedia started accepting Bitcoin donations soon after, cryptocurrencies gained a lot of legitimacy.

Other keynote speakers include Mike Butcher (Editor-At-Large at TechCrunch, Awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2016), Benny Giang (Co-founder of CryptoKitties, Product Manager at Axiom Zen), Bobby Lee (Co-founder of BTCC, Board Member at Bitcoin Foundation), Johanna Maska (CEO of Global Situation Room, Inc., Formerly Head of White House Press Advance for President Obama), and others.

BlockShow Panels & Sessions

The conference attendees can expect two very busy days, with sessions, discussions, and lectures spread across two stages.

The focus on the Main Stage will be directed towards solving some of ” the most pressing questions of today’s Blockchain community”. On Day 1, the opening speech will be followed by “a sensational speech” with some big news from the ecosystem.

After that, attendees will be able to enjoy:

  • A panel on blockchain technology in the enterprise environment, talking about corporate giants stepping in
  • The future of payment with cryptocurrencies, compared to current unsuccessful solutions
  • A panel on mainstream blockchain investments
  • A discussion on evaluating startup investment opportunities
  • A panel on decentralized vs. centralized exchanges
  • A discussion on global tokenization
  • A panel on the fundraising scene in 2018
  • A discussion on governmental blockchain initiatives within the EU

The Second Stage will feature a more practical approach, with applications and use cases being presented in the context of trending global sectors, showing attendees how blockchain technology can transform the leading industries of 2018.

BlockShow 2018 Europe

The Second Stage will feature sessions on 2018 as the year of blockchain education, on the rise of blockchain valleys, on the blockchain of things, on blockchain and its potential to revolutionize the game industry, on the rise of humanitarian use cases, and on exploring the blockchain marketing landscape.

On Day 2, Jimmy Wales will be delivering his speech on the Main Stage, followed by a speech on blockchain usability within the enterprise environment, a discussion on whether the social media ban is good for the industry, a speech on the decentralized marketplace for cloud resources, a speech on blockchain-secured data analytics, a discussion on ecosystem trends from the perspective of crypto exchanges (featuring CEOs and high ranking officers from Changelly, BTCC, LCK, etc.), a speech on the human capital and blockchain implementation, and a panel on global blockchain regulations, with potential changes in the works.

On the Second Stage, Startup Competition will open on Day 2, followed by a discussion on blockchain changing the concept of privacy, a panel on innovators discovering the next generation of decentralized solutions, a panel on blockchain taking AI to a new level, a session on blockchain & trade finance, and a session on blockchain & cybersecurity.

BlockShow Europe 2018 will conclude on Day 2 with a startup awards ceremony on the main stage.

BlockShow Oscar

BlockShow Oscar is a well-known startup competition which provides innovative and promising blockchain startups with an opportunity to showcase and develop their ideas.

The winner will receive a 50,000 EUR prize. According to BlockShow info, previous BlockShow Oscar participants have raised more than $500 million in funding, which means that the competition benefits all participants, not just the startup chosen as the number 1.

To make it easier for conference attendees to connect and exchange ideas, BlockShow developed a special App, which lets users organize and arrange business meetings. It also lets them analyze projects and filter other attendees according to their occupation and expertise. During the last BlockShow event, the App helped participants sign three contracts or partnerships on average.

BlockShow 2018 Europe Berlin

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You do not want to miss this year’s BlockShow Europe since it provides attendees with a unique opportunity to become a part of the global Blockchain community and to get acquainted with new developments and implementation of blockchain technology.