BlockShow Europe 2018 a Major Success


BlockShow Europe 2018

On May 19, we wrote an article on the then-upcoming BlockShow Europe 2018. The conference, which took place in Berlin on May 28 and 29, was one of the most hyped up crypto events of the year, and our readers wanted to learn all about it, the meetups that preceded it, its list of speakers, and the panels and sessions planned for the two big stages.

Now that the conference is all wrapped up, we figured this would be a good time to look back on BlockShow Europe 2018 and see whether it lived up to the hype.

So, without further ado, let’s take stock of the numbers and the initial impressions to see if we can figure out what the main takeaway is.

BlockShow Europe 2018 in Numbers

In the conference’s closing press release, the organizers sounded very content with the “record-setting turnout“. As expected, 3,000 guests attended the conference, listening to more than 100 speakers from 50 countries. The number of startups in attendance was particularly impressive, with 470 fledgeling crypto businesses drawn in by the BlockShow Oscar.

But there are some numbers that the organizers didn’t anticipate, especially the overwhelming number of private meetings. The attendees, startups, and companies reportedly held 7,349 private meetings, which indicates that all parties took full advantage of the event’s vast networking opportunities. Although the impact of these meetings cannot be properly calculated, it is likely that at least several powerful partnerships were formed, in addition to deals worth millions of euros.

BlockShow Europe 2018 audience

BlockShow Europe 2018 was supported by 90 companies, more than five times more than last year’s conference in Munich. This proves that BlockShow Europe is growing at an unprecedented rate, solidifying its position as a major influence and a big driving force behind blockchain adoption in the region.

BlockShow Europe 2018 Impressions & Quotes

Talking about the conference, Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC, praised the organizers and their professionalism, also noting that “it was great to see a lot of enthusiasm from the attendees.”

However, the star of the conference was definitely Jimmy Wales. He delivered a great speech which resonated with many, although at times it was a bit more ambivalent about cryptocurrencies than other speeches at similar conferences. His remark about the crypto world being “definitely in a bubble” was later blown out of proportion, but his point stands: The crypto space is “in serious need of real journalism”, and overhyping everything, including projects that don’t deserve it, leads to a rising number of scams.

BlockShow Europe 2018 Jimmy Wales

Wales also talked about WikiTribune (his upcoming project), his old failed businesses, and how cryptocurrencies and decentralization help disrupt old models and give rise to new ideas that otherwise have a hard time when it comes to funding.

When it comes to journalists in attendance, Rachel Wolfson, Forbes contributor from San Francisco, said that she was very impressed with the European conference scene. Ran Neu Ner of CNBC Africa complimented the layout of BlockShow Europe 2018 and its impressive list of speakers.

Benny Giang of CryptoKitties praised the venue and the coordination, saying that BlockShow Europe 2018 was “one of the best-produced events“. Apart from that, he found the diversity of attendees especially inspiring.

BlockShow Oscar

Although there were no losers at BlockShow Europe 2018, what with such an impressive turnout and the ability to interact, learn, and connect; there were some in attendance who went home with amazing rewards and accolades.

Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard was singled out as the most influential EU woman in blockchain, while Bitfury was voted the top blockchain EU company.

When it comes to up-and-coming young companies, the BlockShow Oscar went to, which took home the grand €50,000 prize., “an asset distribution and sub-contracting distributed network capable of selling assets through auctioning in a distributed manner,” was chosen by a jury of five industry experts.

BlockShow Europe 2018 winners

Crypto enthusiasts will be particularly interested in BlockShow Europe’s list of best European countries for starting a company. Who knows, perhaps next year’s BlockShow Oscar winner will come from one of the countries listed.

In his concluding remarks, Addy Crezee, the CEO of BlockShow, said that he was very happy with the conference, adding that they “are going to do even bigger events in the future, in Las Vegas and Singapore for 5,000 people.” The one in Las Vegas will be taking place on August 20-21, in less than three months.