An innovative IoT blockchain architecture connecting every dots of your life.

BlockCloud ICO Review

IoT is becoming a rality in every day usage. It is rapidly spreding in all fields, every device or object can now be linked to internet. Even companies that are not IT oriented are using IoT – Nike (smart shoes). Last year this market was estimated at $ 157B with a annual grow rate of 28,5% will reach 457 by 2020.

IoT needs trust and security to grow and that is what Blockcloud is giving. Blockcloud is advanced TCP/IP that is based on blockchain enabeling perminant conection for dynamic networks. Blockcloud plans to develop a mechanism for protecting the profits of IoT service providers and users by incorporating their new technologies called CoDAG – Compacted Directed Acyclic Graph and TCDA – Truthful Continuous Double Auction. Blockcloud will make a marketplace for IoT services that will have no intermediary between service providers and users.

The Blockcloud architecture will be comprised of four layers:

  • Transaction-chain Layer: Stores the encoded transactions of the network as a global ledger.
  • Service-chain Layer: Defines new operations without requiring changes to the underlying blockchain. This layer also contains the Blockcloud marketplace which allows users to bid for various services.
  • Routing Layer: Responsible for the task of routing requests, such as discovering services. Because the Routing Layer is separated from the Service Layer (unlike typical web services), Blockcloud allows multiple service providers to exist concurrently.
  • Service Layer: Serves the actual services of the network. The network will utilize Proof-of-Service (POS) to ensure service reliability, with the help of the network’s verifiers.



Rummor is that Blockcoud has more than 30 partnerships from their successful parent company Oudmon.

Blockcloud has a few early investors:

  • Neo Global Capital,
  • Innoangel Fund,
  • Genesis Capital,
  • Ok Capital,
  • GBIC,
  • MW Partners.
  • BlockVC,
  • BKFund,
  • Brink Asset Consensus Capital,
  • JRR.

There are no competitors working on a same or simillar thing.

Token price in USD
0.008 $
Hard cap
16,000,000 $ (~90,755 ETH)
ICO supply
Total supply
Token % for public
Currencies accepted

No bonus.

Token distribution

Blockcloud has total token supply of 10,000,000,000 (10B).

Distribution will be in this manner:

  • 10% Team,
  • 30% Foundation,
  • 10% Early Contributor Incentive,
  • 15% Private sale,
  • 5%  Other sale,
  • 30% Mining Award.

Mining rewards will be released at 5% every year equally over a 6 years period.

Private Sales Tokens Locking Mechanism: First they will release 20% before exchange listed, then they release 10% for every month, 2 months after exchange listed, releasing will be finished in 8 months.

Allocation of funds

Blockcloud will use their funds in this way:

  • 50% R&D,
  • 15% Partnerships and Establishment of Business Alliance,
  • 5% International Standard Setting,
  • 5% Research Cooperation and Intellectual Property,
  • 15% Marketing and Community Building,
  • 5% HR and Team Incentive,
  • 5% Daily Operation Management.

Blockcloud core team has 12 members and most of them worked together in Oudmon.

Zhongxing Ming | CEO | Ph.D. in C.S. at Tsinghua University, Zhongxing is still working at Tsinghua University as Assistant Professor for over 3 yrs. He also worked as CTO at Shenzhen Oudmon Technology Co., Ltd (IoT parent company with  8 million users and 100 products and has a $15 mill annual revenue) for 4,5 yrs.  Also for a short time (5 mos) he was a Team Lead at Intel. He has 13 publications in well known journals and he is a winner of 5 awards and honors.

Shu Yang | Chairman / SCN Lab Principal | Shu has a Ph.D. in Computer Architecture at Tsinghua University and Postdoctoral at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Currently Shu is working as an Associate Professor at Schenzen University. He also worked as CEO at Shenzhen Oudmon Technology Co., Ltd for 4,5 yrs. Previously worked as Assistent Professor at Tsinghua University for more than 2 yrs. He has 10 publications in well known journals and he is a winner of 3 awards and honors.

Dai Pan | Co-founder / COO | Dai has a Master Degree in Information Security at Peking University. He was a COO at Shenzhen Oudmon Technology Co., Ltd for 4,5 yrs. and he will continue to work a same position for Blockcloud.




Blockcloud has 16 members of Tehnical Advisory board and 5 members of Business Advisor board.

Fred Baker | Member of IAB/IESG Nominating Committee 2017/2018 | Fred is an internet pioneer and former IETF Chairman and a member of Internet Architecture Board (1996-2001). He edited and co-authored about 50 internet standards (OSPF, RIPv2, QoS, etc.)

Hoan Soo Lee | Assistent professor of Finance at Tsinghua University| Hoan worked as Managing Director at Tuspark Ventures for 4 yrs. Also he worked as an Economist of Council of Economic Adviser (CEA) for a year. Has a master degree and doctor degree at Economy Department of Harvard University and Harvard Business School. He is also  a co-founder and COO of Give2gether.

Roger Lim | Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital | Founder of Webvisions (coloud hosting). Advisor of many projects like 0Chain, CoinFi, Thekey,  Bluzelle, Tomocoin, etc.

Blockcloud team has completed a lot of work from beginning of this year:

Architecture design, Concept verification of CoDAG algorithm. Concept verification of PoS mechanism, Concept verification of double auction algorithm, CoDAG algorithm design, PoS algorithm design, Double auction algorithm design, Seed round investor selection. Now they are working hard on delivering a Independent node based on PoS development, Developer community, Cooperate partners selection and much more. Testnet is scheduled for Q2 2019 and a Mainnet in 2020.

Project phase

There is still no prototype.

Whitelist start

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An innovative IoT blockchain architecture connecting every dots of your life.
Expected ROI
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Token Metrics
Hard cap
16,000,000 $
(~90,755 ETH)
Token price
0.008 $
ICO supply
Total supply