Blockchain World Summit in London Almost Sold Out


Blockchain World Summit

With a month left to go, the tickets for one of the largest blockchain events of the year are in hot demand.

And where else if not in London? The capital of the United Kingdom has successfully asserted itself as a major hotspot for blockchain and crypto-related events over the past couple of years. With several such conferences scheduled throughout the city only in September, one event stands out in particular.

With its planned 3000+ attendees, more than 30 exhibitors, and over 50 speakers from almost a dozen countries, the Blockchain World Summit is the place to be for entrepreneurs, business owners, developers, technologists, investors, startups, ICOs, social influencers, and everyone who wants to witness blockchain history in the making.

Taking place at Grange St.Paul’s in London from 12 -13 September 2018, the Blockchain World Summit is the leading expo for blockchain enthusiasts and the first blockchain event covering both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) space.

Who is Blockchain World Summit For?

The Blockchain World Summit is perfect for anyone who wants to discover more about where blockchain development is headed. It will provide its attendees with ample opportunities to meet leading blockchain developers, while both seasoned investors and newcomers will be able to find new start-ups and businesses to support through the magic of ICO crowdfunding.

Apart from networking and learning opportunities, the Blockchain World Summit will offer other great perks such as complimentary lunches, parties, breakout sessions, cocktail hours, and a chance to experience London’s legendary nightlife.

On the business side of things, the summit will be focusing on promoting blockchain technology and inquiring into its potential impact on both public and private sectors.

When it comes to business-to-consumer capabilities of blockchain technology, the guest speakers will cover the following topics:

  • Ways to help consumers understand the ecosystem, including bringing ICOs closer to the end-user, issues of privacy, investment funds and Bitcoin, trading, mining, and buying cryptos, taxes and trading, wallets, latest innovations, as well as blockchain technology and ways in which it can be used to benefit society.
  • Issues related to regulation, including changes to start-up funding, anti-money laundering and KYC policies, problems with governance and the specifics of working in the ICO space.
  • When it comes to developers, attendees will learn how to develop the right platform, as well as specifics when it comes to developing Corda and Hyperledger and understanding new Tokenomics.

Blockchain World Summit St Paul's

The Blockchain World Summit’s vision for business-to-business will deal with:

  • Issues that veterans and successful developers have mastered already, such as taking blockchain from proof of concept to reality, making blockchain applications a mainstream option, disrupting established industries, dealing with privacy and security challenges, managing supply chains, and the importance of innovation and core technologies.
  • The speakers will also tackle future challenges, such as how to make blockchain technology the go-to technology that consumers trust, in addition to exploring the potential of blockchain when it comes to disrupting the transport industry, the property market, the food industry, public sector services, and healthcare.

Blockchain World Summit Agenda

The two-day event will be divided almost into two smaller summits, with day 1 being all about the business-to-consumer side of the coin, while day 2 will deal with business-to-business exclusive issues.

Some of the summit’s more distinguished speakers include Dolf Diederichsen (CEO and co-founder of BIT4COIN), Raza Begg (founder and CMO of BITCARE), Derek Myers (CEO of ZERO CARBON PROJECT), Jimmy Nguyen (CEO of NCHAIN), Emma Hunter (Director at KPMG), and many others.

Blockchain World Summit Crypto Cruise

For those who care about the little details, the venue is just as impressive as the Blockchain World Summit’s list of speakers. Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, a luxury 5-Star hotel next to St Paul’s Cathedral will be housing the event with its 20,000 Sq. Ft of events space, alongside an unparalleled Business Centre.

The conference will conclude with the spectacular Blockchain & Crypto Cruise, which will treat the attendees to a lavish dinner followed by live entertainment and breathtaking river views including the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London.