Ankr Network

Decentralized Cloud Computing

Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware. Ankr Network is developing a computation resource that aims to efficiently use blockchain to leverage cryptographic primitives and trusted hardware with an integrated data feed system.

Ankr Network ICO Review

Ankr Network is bringing a new blockchain solution that will try to bring blockchain to mass business adoption. Ankr Network will use:
– Proof of Useful Work consensus which is an efficient mining solution for lowering electric consumption and rewarding every miner.
– Using Plasma sidechains and sharding Ankr Network will become fast and scalable blockchain.
– Native oracle service that will enable on-chain entities to connect with real-world data of existing Internet solutions.

Ankr team believes that with this kind of technology, Ankr Network will be able to bring closer the blockchain to the real world. In this way, decentralized autonomous applications will be able to run on the Ankr’s permissionless blockchain framework. It will be a way of tokenization of real-world assets that were not liquid (wine, art piece, real estate ownership, etc.), use of global P2P payment system and personal credit system.

Ankr Network has good idea, young but solid team, great advisors, working demo, reasonable hard cap and getting more hype every day without a shilling, bounties, and airdrops.

Negative : Only 40% of private sale are under lock-up of 6 mos, and rest of private sale 60% are with no lock-up!

This could have impact on price.

Ankr Network has some research partners:

Blockchain at Berkeley – some team members worked there for a while and studied at Berkeley University. It is a student-run organization for serving crypto and blockchain communities.
Dora Hacks – global hackathon organization.

They have strategic investors:
NEO Global Capitals as early supporter – they invest in projects related to blockchain and some of them were Ontology, Zilliqa and Bluzelle.
DHVC (Danhua Capital) is a California-based venture capital fund,
BlockVC – a leading blockchain investment and advisory firm,
GBIC – a crypto/blockchain investor and accelerator,
OK Blockchain Capital (possible listing on OKex), Link Ventures and J-Lab.


Ankr Network is competitor to AWS from Amazon and Google Cloud, but it will be decentralized and with smaller fees.

In crypto surrounding competitors are:
Dfinity – still in ICO phase, they canceled their token sale and now going for airdrop. Hard cap is 90M $. Mainnet is set to end of this year.
DADI – they rised 29M $, and their testnet is coming next month and mainnet by end of year. Currently, they have a market cap of 15,959,370$.

Hype tools used:

They are getting some hype, in 3 days more than 4k Telegram members came in, so a present number is more than 11 800 members (30/05/2018). All of that without a shilling, bounties, and airdrops. Now there is 36670 TG members. (3/7/2018). Ankr got a high grade TOP 7 ICO spreadsheat.

Token price in USD
0.0066 $
Hard cap
18,700,000 $ (~130,637 ETH)
ICO supply
Total supply
Token % for public
What happens to unsold tokens
Currencies accepted

50% bonus for first private sale strategic investors and a lock-up for 6 mos.

30% bonus for presale strategic investors and a lock-up for 6 mos.

Only 40% of private sale are under lock-up of 6 mos, and rest of private sale 60% are with no lock-up!

First Pre-Sale tranche


0.5 Billion Ankr Tokens (representing 5% total Ankr Token Supply)
$0.0044 per token
$0.0033 per token, for investors who agree to a six month lockup period

Second Pre-Sale tranche

2.5 Billion Ankr Tokens (representing 25% total Ankr Token Supply)
$0.0055 per token$
0.0044 per token, for investors who agree to a six month lockup period

Public Sale Structure

0.5 Billion Ankr Tokens (representing 5% of total Ankr Token Supply)
$0.0066 per token, no lockup period
Token distribution

No public data for token distribution yet.


Ankr Network has 12 team members.

Chandler Song | Co-founder & CEO | Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & CS at Berkeley University. He was a CTO of CitySpade Inc. for 5 mos, Software Engineer Inter at Amazon and SAP for 4 mos., Worked as an AI Research Lab Assistant at Berkely for 4 mos, and as a Developer for Blockchain at Berkeley for 7 mos. Not much experience most of it as Intern.

Stanley Wu | Co-founder & CTO | Founder & CIO of Prorsum Capital (Investments/fundraising) for 4 yrs. Managing Partner & CEO at Shenzhen Ascend Capital Management Co., Ltd. for more than 1 yr. Director, Principal Finance & Equity at Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking for more than 3 yrs and 6 yrs as a Branch General Manager. Also worked as Executive Director at Echo International Investment Co., Ltd. for 2,5 yrs.

Song Liu | Chief Security Engineer | Master of Science, CS, at Boston University. Song has 1,5 yrs working experience as Senior Service Engineer for EA – Electronic Arts, 2 yrs as Senior Staff Engineer at Palo Alto Networks (Next Generation Firewall) and 2 yrs as Principal Software Engineer at Gigamon (distributed security platform).

Ryan Fang | Co-founder & COO | B.S., UC, Berkeley, Business, Statistics Serial Entrepreneur. Worked as intern for 2-3 mos at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, China Renaissance and State Street.

Yan Ji | Scientist | Ph.D., Cornell University, Applied Cryptography B.S., Shanghai Jiao Tong Univerisity. Member of IC3, ACM ICPC 2014 Regional Gold Medalist, ACM ICPC 2017 Regional Championship

Rahim Noorani | Business Operations | Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and CS at UC, Berkeley. He work mostly as intern in ICONIQ Capital as Growth Equty Intern, Momentum Partners as Investment Banking Intern, Signia Venture Partners as Venture Intern. He was a Student Researcher at University of Texax at Dallas, Organizer of Cal Hacks (the largest collegiate hackathon), and founder and co-president of Lemelson MIT InvenTeam for 3 yrs. Also he was a Director of Industry Relations for Hult Prize at UC Berkeley and Investment Associate at Bessemer Venture Partners for 5 mos.


Ankr has 4 advisors:

Christel Quek | Marketing Advisor | Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer at BOLT Global (mobile live TV) for 9 mos. She is an Advisor for two successful ICO projects Switcheo Network and Zilliqa, also an Advisor for Lightbulb Capital. Christel worked as Vice President, Asia Pacific at Brandwatch for 2,5 yrs., Head of Content at Twitter for 2 yrs and Regional Social Business Lead at Samsung Asia for a year.

JZ Zhang | Technology Advisor | Founder & CEO/CTO of PDX Technologies, Inc. for more than 2 yrs. He was a Principal Engineer at CISCO for a year. Worked for Yahoo! on a director level for more than 4 yrs and 3 yrs as Staff Technical Architect at PayPal. Also has a working experience as Senior Architect at IBM Platform Computing for 1 yr 9 mos.

Ramsey Hanna | Partner at Reed Smith LLP | Ramsey is an Attorney with a lot of working experience (24 yrs combined). Worked at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Alschuler Grossman Stein & Kahan LLP, and Reed Smith LLP.

David P. Anderson | Research scientist at the Space Sciences Laboratory, at the University of California, Berkeley | David worked as CTO at for 3 yrs, CTO of United Devices (developing software for distributed computing) for 2 yrs. He is a Co-founder of SETI@home (an early volunteer computing project). Also, he received some awards: the NSF Presidential Young Investigator and award from IBM Faculty Development.


The team had made project research at the beginning of this year, Proof of Concept by April, conducted a private sale in May which was oversubscribed and sold out. The team has released their whitepaper (June) and a prototype (working demo of Distributed Cloud Computing). It is a rumor that they will have a Testnet in July and a Mainnet by the end of the year 2018.

Project phase

They have a prototype – working demo of Distributed Cloud Computing.

Whitelist start
Private sale start
Presale start
Presale end
Crowdsale start
Late July / Early August
Crowdsale end
Token distribution
Bonus unlock
6 months
Exchange date

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Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware. Ankr Network is developing a computation resource that aims to efficiently use blockchain to leverage cryptographic primitives and trusted hardware with an integrated data feed system.

Expected ROI
ICO starts in
Late July / Early August

Token Metrics
Hard cap
18,700,000 $
(~130,637 ETH)
Token price
0.0066 $
ICO supply
Total supply