About us

WhyCrypto was formed by a team of trading experts who are involved in the world of crypto since 2012. Having trouble finding the best investment opportunities due to the rising number of cryptocurrencies on the market, founding members have put together a team of skilled enthusiasts, aiming to provide other investors with high quality information.

The team also includes two developers with PhD in physics and mathematics, who are responsible for creating the advanced analysis system. By utilizing the power of complex algorithms, mathematical modeling and machine learning, we’ve managed to devise our own algorithm for analyzing vast number of upcoming ICOs.

Our highly professional analyses and reviews, paired with advanced technology will bring you only the best ICOs with highest ROI. Therefore, you can be sure that our technical analyses and recommendations are based on a high-quality and trusted system. We strive to filter out all useless and scam ICOs, as well as those whose ROI is below our boundaries. That way, you’ll always have the opportunity to invest in top-notch projects.

With offices in Manchester, UK and Split, Croatia, our international team is here to help you skyrocket your portfolio without spending a minute on complex research. We do all the job, and yours is only to enjoy the profit!